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Shift work input needed


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My husband and I are about to begin the Whole 30. For some reason, I seem to remember reading to eat 4-5 hours apart for each meal. Of course I can not find it in the book, and the daily eating example of more healthy foods vs less healthy foods does not support this. 

Here's the issue. My husband works 12 hours a day on third shift. A typical two week schedule is off Sun, work Mon and Tues (midnight to  noon) off Wed and Thur, work Fri, Sat and Sun (same hours)  off Mon and Tues, work Wed and Thur, then be off Fri and Sat. He technically works (in this example) 48 hours one week and 36 hours the next. He often ends up working overtime as well. When he gets home he stays up a few hours to prep for job #2.  On his off days he works a second job during the day, weather permitting. (


The problem is figuring out a good plan for eating. Putting together food is not as bad as the when. He normally drags upon getting up--and can sleep for over 12 hours if allowed. He gets up about in time to get cleaned up, his food for the night,and out the door. 


I am going to make egg 'muffins' so he can have something to eat when waking--looking at it like a pre-workout meal. He can eat his breakfast about an hour after getting to work (between 12:30 and 1). 


This is where we need help. He will eat his final meal after getting home at about 12:30PM. His job does not allow eating on a set schedule. He thinks he can eat about 6:30 or 7. This of course depends on a fairly tame night. Does this make sense and seem feasible? 


Thank you. We want to set him up for success with his schedule and eating. 

[bTW, it is because of his second job I am able to be a full time student after having been a teacher for 16 years. I can't say enough of how much he sacrifices so I can go to school to become a PTA this late in life. I want to ensure I am supporting him just as much, in the ways I can.]

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Sounds like a police officer schedule!  I would say try to get him to do his best, but I know from experience that a night can be tame to start and go off the deep end in a second.  Because of this I find myself eating even if I'm not quite hungry or it's not quite "time" as you just never know when things are going to go down and you wont be eating for hours.  In my opinion it's better to eat a bit early if you have time than to miss a meal completely and starve yourself. 


You sound like a great supporter, he's very lucky to have you :)



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