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My WHOLE30 begins tomorrow on 1/21.


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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the WHOLE30 but not to paleo-style eating.  I did another food challenge which introduced me to paelo-food and during the entire 8 week challenge I was 100% on target; not once did I ever cheat. But somehow the moment I ate my first non-paleo food (after the challenge) I was unable to control my cravings and "cheats" from then on.  This created a problem because I was not able to get back to my disciplined meal plan and mindset.  So when I came across the WHOLE30 system I couldn't wait to get started.  


So here I am trying to get my healthy lifestyle back.  I welcome any and all suggestions, advice and constructive criticism on how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.  I believe "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you" (~unknown.)  


In addition, I have been doing crossfit since April and I believe that with such a high intensity workout, our bodies need "clean" fuel to run properly.  I can't wait to get back to where I once was.




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I TOO am starting tomorrow

My second as I completed my first one in April of 2013<

and I'm eager to start this 2nd one and go several months this time.

Definitely a life changing experience

Good luck and I look forward to sharing your success


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Yipppeee we are going to be in this together!


Good luck to you too Hannah!!!  I know many that agree with you...unfortunately, I love my "crossfit-craziness"!   ;)


That's awesome jlb...second round of this.  Good luck...any advice for day one?  I'm with you on making this last for longer than just one month. 


Have you guys planned out your meals for tomorrow? 

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Hi! I Started day one on the 21st too. So far so good. I had already been eating a paleo diet so I didn't have much of the carb "hangover" yesterday or today so far.


I made tuna patties the night before so I was prepared for lunch and had roasted acorn squash stuffed with pork/carrot/pear/almond stuffing. Awesome!


Hope everyone has a good day! What are you guys eating??

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