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Been here before!


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Whole30 started today after a week of prep time. My first was May 1-31, 2013. I feel strong and confident, and plan to make it a full 30. First goal is to make it today, then tomorrow, then the next day.... you know the drill. 


Here's to all of us finding and remaining healthy.

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What'd you make?  I made an Eggplant Strata (Well Fed) that I'm hoping will get me through a bunch of lunches this week.  Unlike some people, I LOVE me some leftovers!  :)


We have two shepherds (girls) and a black lab (boy).  They are almost 3, 4 and 5 years old. 

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This is my menu for today. 


Sausage (from the farmer's market, unadulterated)
Zucchini sauteed in ghee
Strawberries w/coconut milk
Hot dog (organic, Applegate)
Pineapple w/coconut milk
Veggie mash (leftovers - sweet potato/rutabaga)
Green beans cooked with steak, mushrooms
Snack - peaches with coconut milk
We have just the one shepherd. She's a handful. I keep saying I'd like to have at least one more, but I think I'm done with puppies!
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