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I have just finished 30 days!  I feel great.  In full disclosure, I did have a few glasses of wine over the last month but I was strict to the food allowances and can really can tell both physically and visually!  Just check out how the redness in my face has gone away!  My need for foundation has greatly decreased and my skin has drastically improved.


Other greatest changes I've noticed is sleep - I sleep like a ROCK and wake up with no drag in the mornings - including the weekends which is weird.  I have NEVER woken up at 6:30 (when I get up for work) on a weekend and actually stay up.  The past few weeks I haven't even wanted to go back to bed, I'm up!


Overall, my mood is much better and I plan on continuing to eat this way.  I also lost 12 pounds. :) So worth it!


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Glad you are happy with your results.


<official moderator hat on> For the purposes of others reading this thread in the future, to avoid any confusion, any amount of alcohol on a Whole30 is not compliant. Whole30 requires following all rules, including no alcohol, for 30 consecutive days. <offficial moderator hat off>

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Wow! congrats!  that is a really significant difference.  The previous redness was so consistent across your face it almost looks like some kind of flushing.  Did your face used to feel very warm?  Did you track changes to your blood pressure?  I also experienced dramatic improvement to my skin and I've been completely cured of my rosacea since completing the whole 30 six months ago.  Your results are really dramatic and you should be very proud.  I would suggest taking similar photos in similar lighting as you do reintros, so you can get more data.  Awesome work!

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