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Everything is making me sick!


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I started re-intro a little over a week ago, and everything is making me sick.  I went into this because I was having some GI issues that I couldn't figure out and I thought it would be good to only eat compliant foods and let my gut calm down.  I felt great before the re-intro but now I have been constantly feeling horrible!

I reintroduced grass fed butter the first day, all went well.

Day four I reintroduced whey protein isolate and had GI issues for two days.

when I felt better I reintroduced plantains (had trouble with these before but wasn't sure if it was plantains or something else).  Then I felt horrible for a day.

then I introduced soy protein powder, OMG!!!!  I almost died!  Couldn't sleep, gut issues, headache, grumpy for 3 days.


Now I'm back to W30 foods.  What should I do?  Wait awhile?  I still don't feel 100% back to normal.  Still having some GI nasties, mood not 100% back to my smiley easy going self, zits all over my face.  This sucks!


Any Ideas?  I feel poisoned. 


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Ugh ... well I suppose the good news is, you know what bothers you and how.  Sorry you had such intense reactions.

I would continue on Whole30 eating until you feel better, before any other further reintroductions.  


If you're done reintroducing, now you get to figure out how you want to ride your own bike.  :)

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I am no moderator, but it sounds like you have made important discoveries, that you are "allergic" to soy and whey and plantains.  I would see how you fair with other foods, once you feel better.  What are the foods you are hoping to have when you ride your own bike?  


If you really want to try protein powders, my brother swears by one that is made of peas (no soy or whey).  Personally, I got turned onto using pecans in my smoothies for added protein.  And, I LOVE the grass fed beef jerky from Gourmet Grassfed … Cherry Chipotle is soooo yum!  So, a pecan/fruit/veggie smoothie and a jerky is a great treat for me.


Sorry it has been such a drag, but good that you now know what you should avoid.  And, who knows, maybe if you swear off the foods that make you sick for a while you can try reintroducing them some time in the future and see if there is still a reaction.  I know people who have reacted badly to foods at some point in their life and then found they could eat them later in life after they avoided them for a time.

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