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day 21, wow I feel good.

pickles 37_10

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Yup-my first one. But not the last!


My first week and a half was definitely up and down-initially the worst problem that I had was nausea and cravings. I had one really bad KATT day-around day 9 or 10, though I think.


This past week is when it got really good and stayed good, if that makes sense.


I have eaten a few Lara Bars here and there, but have tried to really save them for "emergencies" because they have definite "food without brakes" potential for me. The coconut cream ones-OMG so good. Last night I had to work a 13 hour shift starting right after dinner, and I brought a Lara Bar but also 2 hard boiled eggs. This job has a lot of food temptations and it's helpful to have something there as an alternative. 


I've also learned to stay away from snacking on fruit as it seems to be counterproductive-it just spikes the blood sugar and an hour later, I am hungrier than I was before I ate it.


Bottom line, there's a few layers to the learning curve of this-stick with it! It's worth it.

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Wow Pickles, I think you just helped me a ton (regarding Larabars and fruit. Lions and tigers and bears, oh MY!).

And last question-- what does KATT stand for?

Congrats again and thank you for responding!

 Kill All The Things  :)

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