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Reintro log


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Day 31. I wanted a place to keep track of how my reintro is going.


Unimportant stats from my W30 first:

8 lbs lost

1/2 inch from thigh

1/2 inch from waist

1/2 inch from hips

2 inches from bust (I don't trust this number. My bras all fit the same.)


The important stuff:

  • I remembered how to take care of my body: feed it nourishing food, get enough sleep, and drink plenty of water.
  • I was reminded of how good real food is. I remember after my first W30, I went to get fast food and the smell was nauseating...I think I'm back to that place, and it makes me happy. I don't feel like testing it, though, by going to a fast food place.
  • I *can* make it home at night when I'm exhausted and still make dinner, without stopping for junk food along the way.
  • I can drive 14 hours in a weekend and still make healthy choices.
  • I feel so damn good. I have energy till bedtime, and I don't mind going to bed maybe a little earlier than I used to because I know I'll be out till my alarm (sadly, can't do away with that). When I don't have energy all day, I can pinpoint why (like yesterday, I was tired after lunch, but that's because it's that time of the month for me and I didn't have near enough starchy veggies for breakfast and lunch).
  • I can listen to my body and know what it needs to run better.
  • I don't just eat for fuel or because I'm bored or emotional. I eat because I'm hungry, and I fully enjoy what I'm eating.


I plan to reintroduce stuff I like to eat, so if it hurts, at least it tasted good. This means no cheese, no yogurt, no slice of bread. It does mean hot chocolate and homemade chocolate cake (though not on the same day, of course).


So today's day 31, and it's dairy reintro. I stopped at the student-run coffee shop on campus and got a small hot chocolate with no whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It was delicious. Now just to see how/if it affects me. :)


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So it's been about 6 hours since I had my hot chocolate. Immediately after, I had that weird milk-covered throat sensation, but that's just normal for milk.


No intestinal issues. No mad dashes for the bathroom. No major discomfort.


I did notice that I didn't go for coffee this morning...not sure if that was the extra sugar I had in my blood saying NO CAFFEINE or what. I just didn't want any.

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Lesson learned: ice cream is a food with no brakes for me. >< If I'm going to have it in the future, I need to buy a single serving size or have someone to share with.


So last night I went to bed with an unhappy stomach (not surprising!), and I woke up with a slightly rumbly one (hunger? still dissatisfied with that much dairy?). I'm feeling ok right now. Didn't notice any break outs, so things are looking ok right now.

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Got a total of 2 pimples, one on my chest and one on my chin, though the one on my chin faded after about 24-36 hours.


I didn't notice any slacking off of energy throughout the past 2 days.


Legume reintro Friday or Saturday: peanut butter with breakfast. Refried beans at some point. I can make a pot of chili and add a serving of beans to my bowl for dinner, so that I don't have leftover chili with beans in it.


Might delay my legume reintro till Sunday, as I'm going out with friends Friday night, staying the night with one of them, and hiking on Saturday. That's a lot of food to prep tonight...

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Saturday I went hiking and was longer getting home than I expected. I was tempted by the thought of fast food, but decided to go home instead and scrounge up something there. I ended up ordering pizza Saturday night because I was too tired to think of anything else, or to cook.


So instead of letting it derail me completely, I decided to use it as my gluten reintro. Leftover pizza for breakfast, then I got some shredded wheat to eat with lunch.


I now know that gluten has a horrible emotional effect on me. I was lethargic and wanting to crawl into bed and cry yesterday morning. Luckily, wheat is not something I will feel deprived of if I don't bring it back into my life.



I plan on doing legumes on Wednesday, with peanut butter with breakfast and refried beans with leftover tacos from dinner. I'm going out to eat Wednesday evening with friends, so I'm hoping to find something on the menu that's legumish.  Er...having just checked the menu, that's not happening. I will likely take a serving of beans with me to eat between work and dinner, or I'll take them in and throw them on my salad.

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Had peanut butter with my breakfast. I haven't noticed anything off or weird with my body or moods. Yet.


I have leftover nachos from last night for lunch with refried beans. Dinner I'll have to play by ear, as I'm not sure if I'll have power at that point. I can make my kidney beans fancy (add spices and peppers and eat without heating). If I have power, I may make a bean soup to go with whatever meat I end up eating.

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