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Started the Whole30 on Feb 2, 2014


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After playing with primal/paleo on and off for the past 2 yrs, I saw the whole30 website when I was starting to think of how to cure my terrible eating habits that more than likely attribute to my worsening inflammation in my right ankle and knee. After breaking my ankle while hiking down some steep hills in 2012, I found out that even while being overweight, the doctors said I was "healthy" but my bones were in terrible shape. They were brittle and laking in vitamins, especially bad for someone who was just reaching her mid-twenties. Though the break was terrible and required a plate and screws to fix, it now has me on calcium and vit d3 vitamins for life which will hopefully make my bones stronger.

After not being able to go to many physical therapy appointments but still being careful to follow the at home exercises I was given, here I am nearly 2 years post injury and my right side is still in large amounts of pain. I can barely stand for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time. Returning home after time out shopping or buying groceries, will have my right leg swollen and throbbing in pain. I've tried to get back to hiking/walking again, but to no avail.

So, I gave up. I was annoyed and frustrated. More than the pain itself, its the inhibility of moving around at will. I began eating as terrible as I used to, not reaching for veggies but any sweet, savory, over processed junk I could find.

And as my pants were fitting tighter and my annoyance reaching it's boiling point, I looked to paleo to steer me back on track. At first I was thinking of doing the sugar detox, but it led me to the whole30, and I was sold! Ive read as much as possible, grabbed a copy of it starts with food and I'm on my journey. Its too early to tell, but I'm loving cooking with coconut oil, tons of veggies and yummy meats. I wish everyone who is starting their journey the best of luck in their endeavors to eat well, feel better and take control of their bodies & life in 30 days and beyond!

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