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1st Whole 30


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Day 7

Today for some reason I had more sugar cravings. What I wouldn't give for a hamburger and French fries, or Del Taco. I am definitely a fast food junkie

Today I had:

lamb with cucumber raita sauce

green beans


rest of the lamb & sauce

carrot, daikon, celery, jicama


ground beef

salad w/ avocado dressing


ground lamb

pickle, coconut, 1/2 granny smith


lettuce wrap burger w/ avo

sweet potato 1/3


I am at my 7 day hump this is when I have ended up cheating in the past. I have never been able to get past day 10

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Completed day 8. I was extra tired even though I slept my 1st 7 hrs in 2 week. I had to stay in bed for 9 to get it.


Today I had ground beef and carrot soup


lamb burger, coconut, olives, and grapes


can of tune and broccoli


Turkey breast and carrots, celery, daikon, jicama with guacamole for dipping.

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Day 9 & 10 are complete. I have officially gone to the farthest point that I ever have on clean eating. Today is my 11th day. I honestly have to say it is getting with this program that has made all the difference in the world


Day 9 I did ok but ate too much fruit, sweet potatoes, olives, & coconut. Honestly that is all I ate all day with different meats. I had lamb burgers, and turkey.


Day 10

I went out to eat for the first time since on the program. I had to go shopping for storage soup containers so I did a quick stop at Carl's Jr. I had 2 lettuce wrap burgers dry and plain except for the pickles.


Steak with sautéed swiss chard


Turkey, asparagus, cabbage, bok chop, cilantro soup


Asian turkey broccoli slaw lettuce cups


Snack before bed because if I am hungry when I go to bed I can't sleep was olives and coconut.

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Day 11 was much better. I am starting to feel good. I have been cooking like a mad woman to make sure I have enough food.


Turkey burger with asparagus


Turkey soup with bok choy, asparagus, cabbage, and carrots


Roast beef with carrot, celery, daikon, and jicama


Steak with puree cauliflower & carrots

Olives and coconut

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