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Feb 10... Day 1!


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Hi all,


My name is Meg and my husband and I started off our first Whole30 morning with some eggs, mushrooms, zuchinni, smoked salmon and an espresso.  So far, so good...am a bit terrified, but also excited!  Here's to hoping that lunch (at work) goes just as smoothly (will be headed to the grocery store :)


We have a 15-month old, so will still have a lot of the "danger foods" in the house, hopefully we can just ignore them :)


Any tips?



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Planning out meals and pre-making them is KEY!  Welcome!!!  Day 23 here.  I make meal one for the week on Sunday and just do a lot of planning and prepping.  Sunday is prep day! I do an egg muffin, veggies and pour egg in the cup (like a cupcake pan or mini loaf pan) and bake them.  You can pretty much add any veggie you want.  I also add a protein like, chicken sausage or ground turkey.  I've had them everyday since I started and still not sick of them :) 


Good luck all!!!  Mind over matter.

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