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Bad news about Sweetgreen


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So, I was optimistic about Sweetgreen, since I found a few of their dressings are compliant.  I decided to do my due diligence and shoot them an e-mail.



"I have a number of dietary restrictions and I'm hoping to find out some
more info on how your food is prepared so that I know what I can have!
Specifically how your cooked veggies (spicy broccoli, roasted sweet potato,
roasted portobellos) and proteins (shrimp, roasted chicken) are prepared.
I cannot have gluten, soy, peanut oil or added sugars. Could you tell me a
little bit about your preparation and which of these things would be a
problem for me?"


Response: "Hi Johanna! Unfortunately, all of our cooked ingredients have sugar in them... sorry about that :("


So unfortunately, none of their proteins are compliant! Or their cooked veggies.  So unless you want just raw veggies, boiled eggs and nuts, Sweetgreen is out.  BUMMER :(

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A good news update for Sweetgreen lovers!  The shrimp and portobellos are OK afterall.  I followed up on the bacon, and it sounds like you are probably safest avoiding it.  They are transitioning providers effective March 1 to one that does not cure their bacon with sugar, but it's hard to know what you're going to get or when they might transition again, so may as well just avoid it.


As for the dressing, the "blended oil" is olive and canola.  So the lime cilantro jalepeno dressing is OK, as is the pesto vinaigrette.


Hey Johanna,

So I just did a double-check now that I am back in the office and have some good news! Our shrimp, bacon, roasted mushrooms (button and portabello), and lime cilantro vinaigrette do not have sugar in them.

I apologize for my previous misinformation, but better to be safe than sorry!



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