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Weird sleep disruption


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I completed my Whole30 on 2/10 and introduced dairy yesterday (2/11).


However my sleep issue started about a week or so ago.  Throughout my W30, I've been sleeping really well, way better than I ever have before.  But more recently, I seem to wake up around 4:40am every morning.  Even more strange, my coworker/friend who did the program with me, is having the same exact problem, waking up around the same exact time, for the past week or so same as me.  She'd also been sleeping really well prior to that, for at least 8 hours/night.


I typically go to sleep around 11pm, sometimes a little bit earlier, and I wake up at 6am.  I know a result of doing the W30 is that you wake up refreshed and with energy but it doesn't seem like I should be waking up after only about 5 hours or sleep.  


Any thoughts?

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