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Mom and Me, the Whole 30 journey begins 02-13-2014

Tj V

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Just wanted to drop by and say hi. My Mom and I (Jody and Tj, [female]) are starting our Whole 30 experience, for the very first time, today!!! We are both excited and a little nervous. Excited to get healthy and maybe lose some of this weight along with the most important thing....not feeling like crap anymore. Nervous, because...hello? No coffee creamer, sugar, bread, etc. We both need a change though and my Mom even said she feels as though this is her last chance. She's 77 years old and has experienced massive changes in her health in the last 5 years. During that time she has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. Then on July 21st 2012, I had to take her to emergency because she felt as though "an elephant was sitting on her chest". Come to find out, she had been having a heart attack since the 18th (which is when she starting feeling bad). They ran tests and were unable to do an Angioplasty, because her arteries were in such bad shape (no history of heart problems prior to this) and she ended up having Open Heart Surgery with a Quadruple Bypass on July 23rd 2012. Her weight has skyrocketed as well, during this time period, trying to follow the ludicrous "healthy heart" diet, the "diabetic diet" and due to our own stupid splurges. Her name is Jody but most everyone just calls her Mom.
My name is Tj. I'm a female. I only say that because most just seem to assume that TJ means male. Anyway, I'm retired Law Enforcement from Nevada and we (Mom and I and our four pooches) currently live in Washington State. My weight has ballooned since retiring in 2009 and I've developed some seriously stiff joints, constant sinus congestion, neck pain, knee pain, swollen fingers and toes and sporadic issues with my Thyroid. I had a pretty serious Thyroid infection a few years ago and had to take steroids for it. My Thyroid numbers come back in the high normal range, leaning toward Hypothyroidism, but I'm not on meds of any kind, other than Prilosec for acid reflux. Sometimes I have to take over the counter acid pills to supplement the Prilosec too. I'm a former smoker (quit in 2009) and a total sugar, carb junkie. Popcorn is a huge downfall for me, soaked in butter. That and my sugar free chocolate coffee creamer.
We are both really praying that The Whole 30 will jump start our journey back to better health and that it will also help jump start our weight loss. We're miserable and have problems sleeping through the night as well, due to hip, back and neck pain. The ultimate goal is better health and getting Mom off some (or all of) the 18 different pills she has to take on a daily basis! She is going to be keeping her doctor informed on this journey as well. She'll be making an appointment and will be continuing to take her meds, until and unless the doctor tells her otherwise. We are praying she will make such good progress that they will remove her from ALL the Diabetic meds and most of the heart meds.
Anyway, sorry this has turned in to such a long introduction! We are both glad to meet you all and to start this journey!
Yay for Day 1 of our new lives!

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Welcome Tj V,


I too am unfortunately a Type 2 diabetic but have refused to take meds and have exercised instead. I like running so I have done that but I know that walking is nearly as efficient in returning one's blood sugar levels to normal. If for some reason, I can't run I walk - and only occasionally cycle. Running and weight training are the most efficient - but walking also does the trick - I say trick because our body doesn't distinguish between our insulin working properly and the effect of physical effort/training lowering the blod sugar levels. If you want to get the levels down without meds, you can do it.

Wishing the best for the both of you,


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Tj V,

Go for it! Just keep your eyes on the goal.

The first week can be quite hard, just remember it will get better. Really!

From week 3 on I slept like a rose and couldn't swipe the smile off my face. Btw this is my 2nd round.

So great you and your mom are in this together.

You'll get there!

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Thank you so much, Kwantum! Sure wanted to whip out that bathroom scale today. I have this fear of going the entire 30 days and not losing weight but gaining it! Have had some issues with being tired and achy, but nothing to write home about! :)
So happy to know that it gets better though. I've been seriously addicted to Halls Mentholiptus Cherry Cough Drops and that's the hardest so far. Not really happy with my coffee either, due to no chocolate creamer, but I'm more interested in feeling better, so I'm going for it! Thanks for the comments and the encouragement! Good luck on your second round!

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