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    I'm 60 and a retired Law Enforcement Officer from Nevada. I live in Indiana now. Unfortunately, I've gained weight since retiring 9 years ago and coupled with problems with my Thyroid, my bad eating habits are wreaking havoc on me.
    I'm looking forward to be free from the Thyroid issues, arthritis, bad back (spasms, etc), sinus issues, acid reflux, locking finger joints, hands that fall asleep, stomach upset issues, candida and just a general icky feeling. I realize the Whole 30 might not solve all of those issues, but I'm willing to bet it will address some of them.
    I love The Lord and I'm a fierce supporter of Israel. I also love making Art. I love drawing, colored pencils, and I'm working on learning watercolors. I have 4 pups (2 are my Mom's, who lives with me) and I love them more than I can say. They are my "kids"!
    Glad to be a part of this "community".

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