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Tinkmummy's whole30 log


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First day log

Meal 1:

Scrambled 3 large eggs in pan in coconut oil, salt & pepper. Fried handful (3 button/cup mushrooms) of mushrooms in pan in coconut oil, salt. Served with half platelettuce, rocket, carrot grated, 5 grape tomatoes, green olives(20). Splash of Balsamic on salad.

Glass of water.


2xchicken thigh fillets (oven roasted olive oil, garlic granules), roasted veggies (approx 2cups)- pumpkin, capsicum, sweet potato, mushrooms, cinnamon, garlic, olive oil. And serve of cashews.


Meal 3:

steak pan fried in Avocado oil, pepper on steak. Steamed vegetables. Pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, beans, macadamia nuts.

Drinks during day- 2 peppermint teas and 1 black coffee (no sugar).


Post workout food when doing exercise first thing in the morning, can you just add the extra to breakfast, ie. add boiled egg and more veggies. If not how long do you wait to eat your meal one after pwo snack?


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Your meals look okay.


The important thing with a post-workout meal is that it be consumed within 20-30 minutes of exercise and be composed of lean protein and maybe a starchy carb. Lean protein is important so the food digests quickly to feed hungry muscles within the time after exercise when they are especially open to feeding. If you wait until you get home from the gym, you may be too late. And whole eggs are a poor post-workout food because the fat in egg yolks slows digestion.


I have been known to eat a can of tuna packed in water at the gym, drive home and cook my next meal and eat it immediately. You don't have to wait to eat your next meal after a post-workout snack, you just want to consume the post-workout snack as early as possible to maximize its benefits.

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