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Hi everyone!


I am taking a family trip to New York City in about two weeks. I know that there will be temptation *everywhere* - does anyone have recommendations for restaurants or things to eat while in the city? I really want to stay on track and prove to myself and my family that I really can do this!

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Hey! There are two great (but kinda expensive) restaurants I'd like to recommend. One is Hu Kitchen which is a paleo-friendly but also non-paleo friendly joint. They sell prepared foods to take home as well as stuff to eat there. Second is Bareburger, which is a burger joint that sells all sorts of different kinds of meat burgers which are responsibly sourced and delicious. They will even give it to you on a bed of butter lettuce! Hope that helps. There are a few Bareburger locations in the city but only one Hu Kitchen near Union SQuare.

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Hi, APOCrunch.

How did the trip to NYC go? Any additional suggestions for restaurants?

I'm going for a long weekend with my sister in August and will be doing the final 3 day of introducing food while there. I'd like to follow Whole30 guidelines (or at least Paleo) as much as possible while there without making it a big deal. Bonus if I can demonstrate to my sister that it can almost-easily be done.

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In case anyone else finds this post and is looking for restaurants in NYC, you may want to review thread 'Whole 30 NYC Style: Barely Any Cooking; Scale & Nonscale Victories'

Some of the places mentioned

Hu Kitchen

Organic Avenue



Meatball Shop (have to ask to find ones ok to eat)

Dig In

Bare Burger

Gingersnaps Organic

The thread has some great information.

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