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First Whole 30 - started 2/17


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Hey everyone - my name is Merilyn and I started the Whole 30 Challenge the other day with about 20 or so other people at the CrossFit box where I work out.


I'm hoping to cure (or, should I say curb) my sugar addiction, feel better and hopefully lose a little weight.


I am only on Day Three so far and am doing pretty good and feeling good..so far!


If anyone has any tips, tricks or words of encouragement - send it my way!



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Hi Graygirl,


I do have some suggestions that have helped me stay on track...and I have had a great 14 days.  My sister is a naturopathic physician and has been asking me for suggestions to tell her patients, from a non-doctor's point of view.  This is what I passed on to her...


*  I ordered It Starts with Food by day 3.  It's an easy read that makes the science really simple to digest (no pun intended).  Knowing the science of what happens with any bite you ingest is quite revealing and keeps me on track.


*  I subscribed to the W30 daily E-mails.  They don't always have "ah-ha" gems of information, but it is another way to keep my head in the game, so to speak.  Also it's really nice to feel that someone is checking in with you with encouragement EVERY day.  Clicking on "I ate clean today" is another little fun pat on the back.  


*  I am keeping a journal as they suggested.  Again, a way to keep my head and thoughts in this journey and also to have a record of changes, issues, etc.  I wrote my goals in my journal as well.  I write about how they are each going from time to time.


*  On day 2 or so, W30 suggests that you pick some goals from a list of 9 topics.  I did select 3 goals and have kept up with them.  Just stating them to myself, on paper and to someone if you want, helps keep you diligent about them.


*  One last little thing I started doing with this W30 helps me stick to 3-meals a day with no snacking between meals.  Immediately after finishing a meal I go brush my teeth to mark the end of that eating time/meal.  


Sorry this is so long.  But I hope something in here is helpful.  Have a great journey!   :D

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Thanks so much!  I already have the book...I read it last year, but couldn't embark on the challenge on my own.  I guess I wasn't ready.


So, I re-read parts of it (I know, I need to read the WHOLE thing again) and with the help of my CrossFit box mates, I am being accountable and have them for support.


No, it wasn't too long either :)

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