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Started Feb 24!


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Started my very first Whole 30 yesterday! Day two is going better than day one. (Learned that kale and eggs is not something I enjoy starting my day with!) Pretty sure I'm not eating enough for breakfast but I know I'll get that stuff figured out! 

My main goal is to teach myself how to eat well! I have had a huge issue with my weight and eating for most of my life. I have tried a couple of diets (South beach, Curves) with immediate success but no luck with sticking to it for any length of time. I've realized that I don't know how or what to eat. (Seems simple enough, eh?!) My sister's best friend had done Whole 30 and really enjoyed what she learned so she offered to help my sister and I! My boyfriend and parents are also super supportive so I guess you can say I'm pretty lucky!

So far the toughest thing is making sure to eat enough to avoid snacks! I didn't realize how much I grazed during the day!

I'm really enjoying reading the labels of things and being proud of the things I buy and create!

Did quite a bit of prepping of food on Sunday and am so thankful I did! :-)

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Welcome to the forum and Whole 30! You'll find a lot of great support and help here on the forum. The blog posts are great sources of information too, check them out.


I find especially the first week that if I think I'm hungry, I just go with it (I find the longer I eat W30, the more clear I get on whether I'm truly hungry or just "wanting"). But, I make sure that any eating I do is balanced, with protein and fat. So if I think I'm hungry between/after meals, then I'll aim for a hardboiled egg for protein, olives or nut butter for fat, and say a medium apple. There's a great post about why it's so hard to "listen to our bodies", when we've been eating a life time of foods that are making making our bodies confused and unreliable.


I'm also sharing my Whole 30 experience with my sisters, they're great support. Best wishes and hope you enjoy your experience!

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