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Pot luck get together


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Unfortunately not a paleo one!

I am on the p.a comittee at school and we are having a get together at another members home next week, a pot-luck. I will drive so I can avoid the copious amounts of wine that will be flowing but I am worried that the only dish I'll be able to eat will be my own!

So suggestions please for something fab to bring that will be

a) whole30 compliant

B) impressive enough for other guests

c) substantial enough for me if it's the only thing I can eat....


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I love this question but it makes me so damn hungry. Here goes.

1. Crudités with paleo dip (make homemade mayo and mix in garlic and dill)

2. Bacon wrapped dates

3. Fruit salad

4. Make your favorite chicken breasts, cut into bite sized pieces and serve with toothpicks

5. Paleo chicken nuggets

6. Paleo Meatballs

7. A whole salmon topped with homemade salsa

8. Pâté with celery sticks

9. Chicken wings

10. Deviled eggs

Also one tip. Athletes use a visualization technique all the time that works really well here. Spend some prep time thinking through how it feels being at that potluck, facing unhealthy yet tasty looking foods, sticking to your planned foods, and feeling victorious!

Hope that helps!

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I also love Melissa Joulwan's (http://theclothesmakethegirl.com) Sunshine Sauce, with grilled chicken skewers and some celery and carrots for dipping. It's a hit no matter where you go, and quite filling, too.

Good luck - you'll do great!


Ah sadly on closer inspection this won't work for me, you can't get coconut aminos in Ireland or Sunbutter :( I found http://www.amazon.co.uk/Organic-Sunflower-Seed-Butter-250g/dp/B00581L7CQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1333997986&sr=1-1

this one, but I'm guessing it's not compliant becasue of the sunflower oil?

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actually Sunbutter is just a brand of sunflower seed butter so you're ok but the sauce tastes great with almond butter as well. I make it at least once a week. They do have coconut aminos on amazon in the states so be sure to check there or maybe try from the distributor directly. They're worth it! The brand I see here in the states is "Coconut Secret"

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Cheers Johnny, yeah amazon won't ship it to here. I have just emailed Coconut Secret directly to see if they even have a European distributor, I have tried lots of places already...the seacrh continues!

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Johnny, do you have any favorite recipes for some of those dishes you recommended? They all sound delicious!

And thanks for that tip on visualization - I did that with sports in HS but never thought to do it with food!

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Reporting back :) Well I am very glad I had a mini meal at 6pm before our 8pm get-together because the only thing I could eat was my own dish and (thank goodness) some salad. Someone brought a large greek salad, luckily it was undressed so it was easy to leave the feta out. So that's all that I had...no wine, no chocolate tart....no lentil lasagne (fit as many W30 no-no's as you can in one dish!)

I didn't feel actually too hard done by ....I didn't want any of the stuff there...but I did want some more to eat!

Would love to organise a paleo pot luck!

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