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  1. Johnny M

    Can I have Marijuana

    I'm pretty sure it makes you hungry because of a complex effect it has on leptin and cannabinoid receptors in the brain not a blood sugar drop. But I'm no scientist, just a whole30 moderator and have to say for the record, none of us advocate any type of drug use other than what's prescribed and monitored by your doctor.
  2. Johnny M

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Hah...Melissa...I just saw your post. Your vacation dream can totally be reality. I've done it!
  3. Johnny M

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Hawaii is an amazing place for whole30 vacationing. I spent some time on the big island 2 years ago and most of what I ate was local, sustainable food. Most lunches were fresh grilled fish topped with mango salsa...side dishes were grilled veggies and desserts were fresh fruit and berries. Even my cocktails were passion fruit infused vodka with club soda which while not whole30, is a good compromise for me when not being strict. I also had a great trip to the dominican republic a few years ago where at most meals there was some kind of plain bbq option. IN fact we took a catamaran to an island somewhere in the Caribbean one day and lunch was an outside cookout with all kinds of meats cooked to order in front of us. Hawaii is extremely conducive to play and the whole environment is laid back and stress free. So much so that locals I talked to said it's often advantageous for children to leave the islands for education because they want them challenged in ways the islands don't provide...but that makes it a great escape for the rest of us. Exercise and active recovery is plentiful with things like paddleboarding, surfing, swimming.