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  1. Johnny M

    What about egg beaters liquid eggs?

    I used to eat fat free egg beaters with fat free cheese and canadian bacon on a light english muffin for breakfast. IT WAS DISGUSTING. I'm so happy I discovered real food.
  2. Johnny M

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    I think you can have bulletproof coffee but remember in general we are not really fans of drinking meals or nutrition. From a whole30 perspective, there's nothing exceptional about drinking coffee this way that wouldn't be comparable to just say, cooking with ghee and coconut oil rather than drinking it.
  3. I have a good friend who had very serious fibromyalgia. She did not specifically do a whole30 but she converted to paleo eating last october. Last January I went rock climbing with her because all her symptoms had been reversed and she was off her medication.
  4. Johnny M


    If you like raisins try this: sprinkle 1/2 tsp salt on 1 bunch of destemmed dino kale and massage with hands 3-5 minutes or until it looks cooked drain any water that comes out toss in some chopped red onion, a chopped avocado, a handful of raisins, olive oil, vinegar of your choice, and some toasted chopped nuts I made this for the first time about a week or so ago and i've made it 3 times since. It's so good!
  5. Johnny M

    Can I have Marijuana

    I'm pretty sure it makes you hungry because of a complex effect it has on leptin and cannabinoid receptors in the brain not a blood sugar drop. But I'm no scientist, just a whole30 moderator and have to say for the record, none of us advocate any type of drug use other than what's prescribed and monitored by your doctor.
  6. Johnny M

    Whole 30 and your social life?

    It makes total sense. I'd force my friends to compromise. I actually went to bars with them but ONLY if they had a pool table. I sipped seltzer by the table, far from the bar, while they drank alcohol.
  7. Johnny M

    Whole 30 and your social life?

    This was the hardest part for me. The food part? Piece of cake. Changing my whole social scene? Absurdly hard. What I realized through some coaching with Melissa was that I was holding onto something that was actually making me sick and depressed. You have to put this whole thing into are working on healing your entire body...a body you're going to have your entire life. You want to treat it well and you want it to return the favor and stay healthy. 30 days of impact to your social life are not devastating. A lifetime of metabolic issues and gut problems is devastating. Check out my profile and read my story. It's short but I know where you're coming from. I found ways to learn new habits like shooting pool with friends instead of drinking at bars or having dinner parties instead of going to restaurants. The reward I found was that whole30 didn't just change my diet, it changed my life, and in an extremely positive way. Good luck and use the forum for support!
  8. Johnny M

    Calories - do I really not count them???

    When you eat per the whole30 guidelines something amazing happens - your innate ability to self regulate how much you eat turns back on. It's one of the reasons I think eating this way makes so much sense. If you've read the whole9 blog or book you might have seen references to "food with no brakes" which is what they call things like grains and sugar. When you eat them your body has no mechanism to say hey stop eating, you're satiated. But when you're eating real food, your body will know when you've had enough. It's virtually impossible to eat too much steak in the absence of something like bread or potatoes. One of the best things I felt during the whole30 was what it felt like to be full and satisfied but not stuffed. Do follow the templates because just because we say don't count calories it doesn't give you carte blanche to eat as much as you can every chance you have, but don't fret over counting calories!
  9. Johnny M

    Taco beef

    yes and I can toss it with some fried chicken and peppers and onions and it's delicious
  10. Johnny M

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Hah...Melissa...I just saw your post. Your vacation dream can totally be reality. I've done it!
  11. Johnny M

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    Hawaii is an amazing place for whole30 vacationing. I spent some time on the big island 2 years ago and most of what I ate was local, sustainable food. Most lunches were fresh grilled fish topped with mango salsa...side dishes were grilled veggies and desserts were fresh fruit and berries. Even my cocktails were passion fruit infused vodka with club soda which while not whole30, is a good compromise for me when not being strict. I also had a great trip to the dominican republic a few years ago where at most meals there was some kind of plain bbq option. IN fact we took a catamaran to an island somewhere in the Caribbean one day and lunch was an outside cookout with all kinds of meats cooked to order in front of us. Hawaii is extremely conducive to play and the whole environment is laid back and stress free. So much so that locals I talked to said it's often advantageous for children to leave the islands for education because they want them challenged in ways the islands don't provide...but that makes it a great escape for the rest of us. Exercise and active recovery is plentiful with things like paddleboarding, surfing, swimming.
  12. Johnny M


    There is a roasted cumin carrots recipe in the well-fed cookbook. THe first time i made it a couple weeks into my whole30 i couldn't believe how sweet the carrots were. Amazing.
  13. Johnny M


    All nonnutritive sweeteners are out as they promote metabolic dysfunction. Unfortunately substituting sweet with sweet won't help you get over sugar cravings. It's out for 30 days. Other things will soon taste very sweet to you like carrots and strawberries!
  14. Johnny M


    everytime this thread pops up as updated in my feed I get really hungry.
  15. Johnny M

    Taco beef

    I do add some water if it's too dry. Alternatively you can add a can of diced tomatoes with juice when you're cooking the beef which is really good too!