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"Bulk" recipes that can be prepped ahead?


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Hi everyone, I'm gearing up for yet another Whole30 later this week and I was wondering....

Can anyone share any recipes (or at least ideas) for meals that can be prepared in bulk ahead of time? I'm thinking of things like chicken salads or paleo chili, etc. I don't have a lot of time during the week so I prefer to prep on weekends. I also only have a fridge and microwave at work so I need uncomplicated options. My usuals are getting boring so I'd love new suggestions.


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I make Melicious's chili at least twice a month. If I'm really hungry and active, I'll get 2-3 portions out of it. If not, I can usually make it last for 4 and it keeps and reheats well. I also really like her moroccan meatball stew as a bulk cook thing and her tuna waldorf salad. Eat the latter with cucumber slices--delicious!

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If you have Well Fed, she has a page where she preps food for the week, so that's a nice thing I do every Sunday.

I always make up some form of Emergency Protein from NomNomPaleo. it's different every time depending on what's handy.

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I plan on making an unstuffed pepper casserole. I rarely measure the ingredients and just eyeball them. 1/2 pound ground turkey, 1 italian sausage (Check ingredients or make your own to be compliant), onion, 2-3 roasted peppers, celery, carrot, cilantro, garlic, mushrooms, diced toms, tom sauce, tomato basil seasoning, red pepper flakes. Play with the recipe, add, subtract to your tastes.

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My weekly plan:

Bake a chicken with plain seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder.). Eat the skin, shred chicken, put bones in crockpot for stock, saved drippings for sweet potatoes. (If I had any, I would have cut up all my sweet potatoes and put these in the bottom of the baking pan to bake along with the chicken.

Shredded chicken gets separated into 6 small containers, to make "salad toppings.". Add cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and other salad toppings, and top with 2 tbsp to 1/4th cup olive oil, 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and salt, pepper, and other seasonings to taste. In the morning, I take this and some lettuce to make a lunch salad.

Brown 2-3 lbs grass fed ground beef (optionally add 1/2 lb beef liver finely chopped) with coconut oil, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper. Use 1/3rd for tomato sauce, 1/3rd for taco meat, and 1/3rd for beef curry.

Quick beef curry: reheat ground beef, add curry powder, garam masala, and assorted other Indian spices, add coconut milk. Make it Thai style with Thai curry paste. I suppose I could make a larger batch of this. I have also wilted spinach into this, and you can add other vegetables.

For breakfasts, I have been making "egg foo young" with sautéed shredded cabbage and onions, with eggs, and cooked patty style. Makes a filling breakfast, even cold, with about 2 eggs per "patty."

Stock gets used either as a paleo gumbo, taco soup, or whatever.

Steak one night, salmon another night, assorted other vegetables, and you have a weeks worth of meals :)

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I found a breakfast casserole that has saved me tons of time in the mornings. I make a batch on Sunday and it lasts me six days. I've tinkered around with adding various additional vegetables and subbing out meat protein, but the egg base plus the onion and sweet potato (for me) remain the same. It's super easy. The only variance I have from the recipe, as stated, is cook time. I find that at 375, it takes me an hour or better to cook, instead of 30-35 min. My pan is also slightly smaller than 9 x 9, so the middle takes quite a while to set. Portions are great and I also like to add a little avocado or guacamole after I heat it.


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I've been prepping food on the weekends for years. I'm a cheapass and anyway, who has time to make healthy meals from scratch during the week? The prep I do doesn't really involve a lot of planning, and it allows a fair amount of flexibility during the week if all of a sudden I get a bug in my ear and MUST HAVE (now bunless) HAMBURGER. Or whatever. Not sure how much the following will change with whole30.

Here's what I do every week:

* roast a chicken, then use the pan sauce to make gravy (no thickeners needed, just cook it down as appropriate), or to sautee vegetables

* slice green peppers, carrots, and cucumbers for my lunches

* portion out small servings of almonds for lunches and the occasional snack (I know! no snacks!)

* hardboil a dozen eggs (or more), then store them unpeeled in the fridge

* make a soup or chili with any vegetables that are marginal/ soft/ etc and freeze individual portions

* fry up bacon or sausage for the week's breakfasts (I don't portion this out)

* brown a kilo of meat (ground beef, beef, pork, whatever) for last minute curries and stir-fries.

In rotation or every few weeks I:

* make bone broth with extra bones I've kept around

* roast a week's worth of vegetables

* make egg muffins (mini crustless cheeseless quiches)

* make mini meatloafs (these may be the same as the meat muffins referenced above)

* make a few days worth of salmon patties

* mix up some chicken or egg salad

Just about the only thing I ever have to do during the week is chop vegetables.

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