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Day 9/10 of whole30 reaction to cacao?


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On the night of Day 9 I had for dinner paprika chicken and steamed vegetables with a few pieces of cacao toasted cauliflower (well fed recipe), about 2 hrs later I had a bout of extreme fatigue, and just put it down to being tired.

Day 10 meal one I had left overs and about 2 hrs later I had a piercing headache, which I put down to not having had coffee yet, but even after the coffee I had a headache (slightly eased), but more like a sinus pain headache, and generally feeling of fluey and tired in the afternoon. I remember I had a bit of a blistery type thing on the roof of my mouth when I ate it too, I sometimes get that when I eat spicy food (I think).

So I thought it might be the cacao so I had one piece with my dinner (pork fillet with cumin carrots and sweet potatoes with steamed kale). About half an hour later I had a bit of a piercing headache. Later on I had a bit of a dry cough.

Morning of Day 11 and I feel stuffy In The nose and puffy feeling to my face.

Could all this be from the cacao, or should I be looking at other things in my food, like the spices?


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