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Tomorrow is the day (march 1)


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I am starting my first Whole 30 tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited.... but a little nervous!


I have been trying to eat mostly clean for several months now, and am finding that it is just too easy to slip back into those horrible habits.  After talking to a friend who completed her Whole 30 in January, and a little lot of wondering if I could do it, I decided that it is what I HAD to do if I wanted to get serious about changing my life.


I am an RN and I work night shift, and that is something that makes me a little nervous.  I don't live on a nightshift schedule during my off days, and I am curious how the schedule changes will affect my eating schedules.  I know it is going to take some tweaking around, but I am confident that I will figure it out.  Does anyone else have to deal with this??


I am so excited to be doing this for so many reasons.  I initially was interested in the weight loss aspects (I lost 65 lbs last year, but sadly gained about 20 back) after seeing my friend's results, but after reading the program and really taking the time to explore what I want to acheive inside and out, I learned that it is about so much more than losing weight!!  I hope to finally take control of my relationship   So I have already taken away something huge from my first Whole 30 :) I know there are going to be times that all I want to do is quit, but I also know that I am capable of doing this!!!

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