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Day 2 - yep I'm whiny already


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Ok, I knew on day two there is the typical headaches, but what I didn't figure is that I would also get slammed with my mid cycle hormonal migraine!!!

Man am I craving milk today.

I know why that is... I am one of a small select group of people who respond to the opiates (yes you read that right, don't believe me... Google it for yourself) in dairy products. They take some of the pain away and take the edge off so many of my problems... This is the first time I've g

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Ok stupid phone didn't let me finish!!!

This is the first time I've gone full Whole30 instead of paleo-ish that allowed some of the drier cheeses.., which then expanded to include yogurt and cream cheese..

I so desperately want a large glass of milk tonite!!

I need something to take the edge off my migraine!!

Ok that's the end to my rant. Going to finish my bath and head to bed hopefully sleep will help me through.


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