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Lenten Whole40!


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Starting Whole30 for Lent, which will actually be 40 days and I tarted today instead of prolonging it. I prepped and prepared meals. I also have  a wonderful support group at CrossFit who were doing a Paleo meal swap weekly. Just a little asking and they all agreed to cook Whole30 compliant! I am doing well today. Started the day with half a cup of bone broth. Had coconut milk foam from the fridge in my coffee along with cocoa powder and it was great. Ate smothered okra and homemade meatballs chocked with tons of veggies for breakfast. Had a puree of butternut squash and sweet potato topped with grilled onions and bacon (found approved bacon). Also had monkey salad as a side. Supper will be oven roasted chicken, squash casserole, and a side of roasted beets. My husband said everything was great so far. Doing really well considering we are home from work for Mardi Gras. Trying to keep myself occupied and CrossFit is closed today :(. So far, so good!


Day 2: Ash Wednesday and no meat. Started day with coffee with coconut foam and dark cocoa powder in it. SLiced Sweet potatoes and cooked in coconut oil and seasoned with sea salt and chipotle chile powder. Topped with over easy eggs.

Lunch was asparagus and avocado pureed in to a soup. So filling

SUpper: grilled eggplant, grilled fish, and grilled shrimp layered in a bowl with roma tomatoes. I have been full from meal to meal and had no urges to snack!


 Day 3: Breakfast was coffee, bone broth, and chicken salad. Walk into the teachers lounge, and before my eyes lay homemade cafeteria Biscuits. I quickly turned around and got out fast! Been drinking water all day, but as a librarian I don't get many restroom breaks.

Lunch is sausage, leek, and mushroom soup with a sweet potato cut up in it.

 No crazy side effects which is making me wonder!!!

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