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  1. LindaLee

    Eating too much fat?

  2. LindaLee

    Eating too much fat?

    What about cooking in coconut oil, when it's absorbed into the food - e.g., sweet potato fritters?
  3. LindaLee

    Eating too much fat?

    That. Is an excellent question, and I would like to know the answer too. I usually don't count the fat I cook with unless it's what I would call really intense fat - for example, if I have bacon, then fry my eggs in that, I do count it and only have one other fat in addition. Is that correct? The template calls for 1-2 servings of healthy fat...
  4. LindaLee

    High Cholesterol!!!

    I was very reassured to find this thread (again)...I recently got my cholesterol results from my doctor and nearly fainted though she - being Paleo friendly, thank the Lord - said over and over that she was not worried. My total cholesterol jumped from a year ago, from 243 to 316, and my LDL calculated went from 169 to 200. HOWEVER, my HDL was a whopping 106 (up from 74) and my triglycerides dropped from 62 to 52. My doctor said my HDL was one of the highest she's ever seen. My total cholesterol/HDL ratio is 3.0. Everything else was in normal limits. Again, she said she's not a bit worried and wouldn't dream of putting me on meds - plus she noted that triglycerides, not LDL levels, are the harbinger of problems in women. I suspect that if there is a culprit to my LDL levels, it's my stubborn sugar issue, so I'm going to work really, really hard toward conquering that beast once and for all, then get them retested. At any rate, this thread is hugely reassuring for me, while the results were a big kick in the butt to my sugar demon. Win-win.
  5. LindaLee

    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    If no one minds, I'm going to tag onto this post rather than start my own, because I have a similar dilemma. I typically go to Crossfit (4-5 times a week) straight from work, then either go back to work or take the 25 minute drive home. I've tried a number of things for pre and post-workout meals. The easiest solution for me pre-workout is definitely hard-boiled egg, though I've not been sure how many to eat. I'm guessing I just need to keep experimenting with it, so I eat enough to get that "I'm getting ready to workout" cue in, but not so much that I throw up during the workout, LOL. Post-workout definitely is the toughest. I was happy when I thought I'd found a protein powder that would do the trick, because...egg whites? What do I do with the rest of it? And finding a carb that's portable is tough, other than an apple or banana or something. But then I found out the protein powder was not Whole30 compliant, so that went out the window. What other starchy vegs are good for post-workout? Just the thought of a cold baked sweet potato makes me kind of shudder. I ate sweet potato baby food for a little while but that's kind of gagged me too. I know fruit isn't ideal, but is it better to have a light protein and fruit or just the light protein if I can't get a starchy veg in? Thanks!
  6. LindaLee

    Eating too much fat?

    Thank you! The answer is yes, I believe I am fitting the meal template and nope, I'm not unreasonably hungry! I Crossfit five times a week and if I eat less than this, I'm ravenous and do very poorly at my WOD. I will delete my little app and go happily along my Whole30 way...
  7. LindaLee

    Eating too much fat?

    I entered my meals for today into one of those meal analysis applications, and scared myself half to death. I can't figure out if I'm overreacting or if I truly need to be concerned. Breakfast: Turkey Apple Hash from the Success Guide (without apples, didn't have any) - I split this into five servings 15 baby carrots 10 olives Lunch: Salad of baby spinach, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, with a tablespoon of paleo mayo Ground chicken with zucchini 2 clementines Dinner: Three pieces side bacon (not cured) Three eggs 15 cherry tomatoes 1 serving sauteed veggies (summer squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, kale sauteed in olive oil) 1842 calories total This tool puts this at: 25% protein, 91 grams 25% carbs, 89 grams 49% fat, 77 grams (eeep!) It's the fat that scares me. My biggest fat sources that were NOT part of another dish (e.g., the fat that's in chicken, eggs, and bacon) are my paleo mayo and olives and if I cut those out, then my calories go down pretty low. I cannot figure out a way to reasonably increase my veggies. Am I making myself unnecessarily insane?? Help!
  8. LindaLee

    food dreams

    I had my first one about a week ago, I think...I was eating ice cream and cake! I felt so disappointed in the dream that I was going to have to start over...and so relieved when I woke up and it wasn't true.
  9. LindaLee

    Can I have anything at panera bread?

    Check this site for all the nutrition info and ingredients:
  10. LindaLee


    Chemically, theologically...that's all the same to me...
  11. LindaLee


    As far as I'm concerned, it's not bread or wine once it's's the Sacred Body and Blood of our Savior.
  12. You see them in the sausage aisle saying, "Are you kidding me? Seriously? Who puts sugar in that?" and stamping their foot like a two-year old. They have a freezer FULL of Applegate organic hot dogs. Every single day, they're hard boiling eggs. They go into ecstasy over a little coconut butter. They have ten kinds of tea in their cabinet.
  13. LindaLee

    Can I have anything at panera bread?

    If you do find something, let me know. We used to go there every other weekend with my stepson, but the last time we looked, I think there was only one thing - a grilled chicken salad without the dressing - that looked even close to Whole30 or Primal. We gave we get his sandwich to go, then we go home and cook something for us while he has his bacon turkey bravo and cookie.
  14. LindaLee

    Can't sleep & getting up to pee

    That's a good idea...I'm going to try that next time I can't sleep.
  15. LindaLee

    Can't sleep & getting up to pee

    Thank you, Vickie! I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. I feel really tired tonight after my workout, and I took a little more magnesium than I normally do, so I'm about to go take a nice bubble bath and see how I do. I'm trying to cut back on my water in the evening, too - I tend to drink a lot more when I get home, and that might be contributing.