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  1. LindaLee

    Day 15...where's that energy?

    Okay, I'm in Day 28 now (yay!), and I did make some adjustments to my carbs. My new food schedule has been (all proteins are the palm sized or eggs that fit in my hand, per the template). I actually haven't had white potatoes for a couple of weeks. Breakfast - ground venison, yellow squash, green beans, kale, and 1/2 avocado, plus tea with Nutpods Pre-workout - hard boiled egg post-workout - boneless chicken thigh plus pouch of baby food (pumpkin, sweet potato, or squash with apple) Lunch - 1 serving (of 6) PaleOMG spaghetti squash pie, plus spinach. Apple with cashew butter Dinner - Salmon cakes plus broccoli plus roasted sweet potato cubes, and Paleo mayo I realized some of my recent fatigue was related to some kind of sinus infection or cold, so I've been dosing with a local (ingredient compliant) homeopathic remedy, Tea, and apple cider vinegar. Today I feel like I'm turning the corner, thank goodness. Crossfit this week was crazy rough. Now I'm trying to figure out my reintroduction...
  2. LindaLee

    Day 15...where's that energy?

    Can you tell me where that recommendation is, about only one serving of starchy carbs a day? I just spent about 20 minutes going through my book to find that specific recommendation, and could only find a suggestion to add starchy carbs if you're very active. I will swap out my regular potatoes for some other carbs next week and see what happens. My protein portions typically follow the "palm size" or as many eggs as I can fit my hand guideline - I've just learned over the years that that's about 4 ounces for most meats. I typically do have Paleo mayo with my dinner for my fats. Thank you!
  3. I'm midway through my third Whole30 after a bad year of eating mostly Paleo (plus rice) during the day, then falling apart with gluten-free treats at night and on weekends. I've had one day where I felt the boundless energy (ran an amazing training run that day), but since then my favorite non-food reward has been SLEEP! Lol. so I'm feeling a bit discouraged. For breakfast, I eat ground venison mixed with chopped potatoes, zucchini, and kale, plus a banana and half an avocado Preworkout (Crossfit or 3-6 mile run) - hard boiled egg Post-workout - two ounces shredded chicken breast and one pouch of sweet potato or pumpkin/apple/sweet potato baby food (depends on what's in stock at the grocery) Lunch - 4 ounces chicken thighs, potatoes, butternut squash, olives, and two mandarins Dinner varies - tonight I had two eggs plus compliant sausage, some broccoli slaw, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts also had a few almonds and blueberries as a snack. 72 ounces water throughout the day, including a LaCroix I was just beat at Crossfit today! Am I doing it right? Just be patient? I've lost a tiny bit of weight (I can tell by the way some of my clothes fit), but it's been more about getting my inflammation under control and not gaining MORE weight. I'm happy to have made it this far after many attempts and failures in recent months! thanks for any reassurance or advice you can offer...
  4. I'm training for my third sprint tri and am trying to figure out how the heck I get enough carbs without having to be eating veggies every single minute. What are some good carb dense foods I can add to each meal - besides squash and sweet potatoes, which are already staples for me? Many thanks in advance for your guidance...
  5. Thanks, Kruddock! I will try that.
  6. Ohh, yuck, lol. I can't handle beets.
  7. Kruddock - how do you prepare your sweet potatoes for portable eating?
  8. Hi, all - Three-year Crossfitter here, 53 years old, gained a bit of weight recently when I switched from 3 days Crossfit/3 days half-marathon training/distance running to Crossfit and weightlifting 5 days a week. I'm far from the strongest person in my gym, but I have PRed a dozen lifts over the last six months and I don't want to lose my gains, but I DO want to lose the fat I've put on by eating too many Paleo and gluten-free treats. Monday our gym starts the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, which at the Elite level is very like Whole30 with the exception of allowing two tablespoons of natural sweetener per day. In the past, this would be used in my current pre-workout (StrongerFasterHealthier's Push), protein powder (SFH Recovery) and FitAid. I'd like to not use these for at least the first 30 days - it's a 7-week challenge. I've typically done extremely well on these challenges eating at the Elite level, but I also end up losing a lot of muscle, because it's very difficult to get enough compliant carbs. I do love sweet potatoes and squash, but if I ate a sweet potato a day I literally would start turning orange. (It's happened before.) My breakfast typically consists of a breakfast "hash" with a ground meat (usually turkey, venison or wild pork, or chicken if they have the organic), squash and a broccoli slaw, plus baby carrots and olives. Lunch varies, though lately it's been the spaghetti sauce from the Success Guide over steamed broccoli and some grapes. Pre-workout I actually have a lot of success with just 2 ounces of chicken. Post-workout is where I fall down. I typically workout at lunch, so I go right back to work and eat my lunch. It's hard to get that additional protein and starchy carb - again, I know this is where chicken and a sweet potato would be great, but it has to be something I can eat in the car on my way back to work from the gym. Or I could do an egg pre and chicken and something post. Dinner varies from day to day - most recently my husband and I have been clearing out wild pork from our freezer in preparation for deer season, which he makes in a nice marinade, and I surround it with Paleo mayo and cucumbers and tomatoes. Since I've been eating a lot of Paleo treats, I figure it'll take a little while for my sugar demon to calm down and my "fullness factor" to reset, but I really want to make sure I'm getting sufficient carbs to fuel my workouts. As I said, I WOD five days a week - sometimes that includes one day of personal training or a 90-minute Oly lifting class (I'm not a beast, I'm just trying to get better) - and go in for some extra training 3 days a week (right now it's core work - planks and GHD extensions - plus some overhead squats). If I don't fuel, I'm too tired to do the extra, which takes its toll and isn't fun, because I really do like going to the box and lifting. I appreciate any feedback from other athletes, and will scroll through the rest of subject as well. Thanks in advance - Linda
  9. I was nervous to try Crossfit too...I'm 52 years old and I have a bad back, and though I swam competitively in high school and had done aerobic weightlifting I had never done anything heavy. i started Foundations in July 2012, and I have gone consistently now for over 2 years, typically 4-5 classes a week. I'll never be the elite athlete that some of my friends are, but I have doubled or even tripled most of my starting weights, and have gone from barely running 200 meters to running 5Ks, 10Ks, and most of a half-marathon in October. I love it; the individualized training and the community of the box are a perfect fit for me. I've never ever stuck to any exercise program for so long. That being said, there are really important things to have when you go: First, be sure there is an on-ramp or Foundations program where you learn the techniques. Moves like snatches are incredibly complicated and not something you want to try without lots of instructions. Second, if you are not already fit, BE SURE THE COACH HAS THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE WILLINGNESS TO SCALE. People get hurt at Crossfit when they take risks they shouldn't or when their coach isn't knowledgeable enough to guide them when to push themselves and when to back off. I would not go somewhere that is not a Crossfit affiliate. It's more expensive, but it's worth every single penny, in my opinion. One of the central tenets of Crossfit is that it is infinitely adaptable - that's how Rich Froning and an 80-year-old grandmother can do the same workout. Third, be sure it's an environment where you feel supported, no matter your size, fitness level, weights you lift, speed, etc. My box-mates are amazing - most of them can overhead squat 95 pounds with ease, but celebrated with me when I hit a 70 pound thruster the other day. It doesn't matter to us what the victory is - we just cheer each other on. That is SO important - next to a good coach, your community is THE central thing that will keep you coming back. Fourth, check your ego at the door. If you get hung up on looking good or being the best or the fastest, you'll get discouraged. Just focus on getting a good workout. Like I said, I probably lift less than anyone else at my gym. I am a little faster than some, LOL. But I don't care. All I care about is getting my WOD in. Finally, if you walk in and you hate it, that's okay. It isn't for everybody. Find fitness that works for you and you'll stick with it. Oh, and don't worry about being fit before you go. Like I said, when I first started, I could barely lift anything. It was a thrill for me when I hit my bodyweight deadlift and a 100# backsquat. Good luck - let us know what happens!
  10. I'd played with the post-WOD food before - but I hadn't thought about increasing my red meat. After I read your post, Gojo, I realized how much turkey and chicken I eat - I do alternate it with wild pork (my husband shot it) and as much venison as I can get, with the very, very occasional grassfed beef. I definitely will increase my red meat intake - I bet that will help! I ate two of the muffin bites today after the WOD (it wasn't a particularly intense one, as WODs go, and I did scale back a bit), which seemed to help and give me a little of my energy back. Then tonight I had what seemed like a giant hunk of venison (we cooked it in the crockpot yesterday and it is DELISH), with spinach, tomatoes, olives, and a little compliant apple butter as a garnish/spice. I was still hungry, so I had a sweet potato with coconut milk. I think I'm also not eating enough protein at lunch. I Zone'd for a while and cut back my protein, which helps me lose weight but really leaves me tired during the day. I'll be increasing that, and will try to chicken/sweet potato combo after the workout. Thank you, so much...and I'm looking forward to that increase in energy! I hadn't thought about the transition from sugar to fat burning.
  11. Hello... I'm on Day 11, and over the last three or four days, I've noticed increasing levels of fatigue. Here's some facts: I have pretty much the same breakfast every day - the ground meat/veggie hash from the Success Guide, carrots, and olives. I have a portion of protein (usually chicken) plus a gigantic cucumber and tomato salad with Paleo mayo at lunch, and some fruit. I have about the same type of dinner - a portion of protein, veggies, and a serving of fruit and a fat (usually a handful of olives). I started eating a hardboiled egg before the workout the last three or four days. Today I had a "bite" afterward - muffin sized with egg, prosciutto ham, squash and peppers. The last few workout days, I've had an RX bar as a snack, because despite waiting and drinking 22 ounces of water, I'm still hungry. I workout six times a week: 3 days of Crossfit and 3 days of running (ranging from 2.5 to 5 miles each day) as I'm training for a half-marathon in the fall. This is about the time I usually experience fatigue each time I try a Whole30, and it often is what triggers me falling off the wagon. I lose weight and inches the first ten days, which feels really great, but then begin to feel very tired. I don't want to bail this year, but I'm in serious training and need my energy! Thanking you in advance - Linda
  12. Izzy, I swear the training is harder than the half will be...I'm learning I'd rather Crossfit five times a week than run three. But I'm determined to do it!
  13. Day 9 and hanging in there...really, really tired and having some weird inflammation symptoms, but I'm training for a half-marathon and it's been super humid, any rate, I'm still standing!
  14. I confess, at noted above, that after I first posted this I crashed and burned. A lot. But now I am Day 4 of a new Whole45. Trying to just feel feelings as they come up, and use this forum and Facebook support group to address crazy cravings. By the grace of God (who sends you wonderful people), I'm hanging in there. I don't even want to kill anything today. Yet, lol.
  15. Day 4 again and had very very strong cravings today. I think it's emotional...I have a 10k this weekend and I'm nervous about it, because I strained my calf last week and I'm not sure it's completely healed. Plus my stepson is getting ready to leave for college in a month and my husband really is a bit of a wreck, so I'm feeling alternately sad and wanting to be supportive, with feeling frustrated because he's so distracted that he's not really "here" at home sometimes. Plus our summer schedule is off from its usual pattern, so he's away more days in a row than usual and...frustrating as he can be(so can I!) I miss him like crazy. This is going to be a very big change in our lives...for three years, we've spent every other weekend in a rental house near my stepson's mother's home, so my stepson could go to the same school with his friends and keep as much of his pre-divorce life as possible. Now my husband is packing up everything in the rental house and trying to figure out what to do with all the furniture, which is mostly nice antique things that he has had for quite a while; this is stressing him out on top of the anticipatory grief of his son moving away. In addition, my husband usually is gone two to three days and nights a week, depending on the visitation schedule. Now, after nearly three years of marriage, we're going to live together full time for the first time. It's a time I've been dreaming of...not having to drive back and forth, only one household and set of bills...but I'm still nervous!! So I think all that is contributing to my cravings. I followed the advice in "Made to Crave" and used each craving moment as an opportunity to pray and ask God for help (and to somehow help me make it through this 10k Saturday with joy)...I was able to resist the "one last time" demon and the frozen custard parlor, so thank you, God, for hearing my prayers!!!