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Calorie Counting?

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Hey all I know we are not supposed to weigh ourselves which I am totally fine with but I am eating a lot less food than I normally was as I was eating every 2-3 hours not saying that the best thing just what I was doing and I decided to plug in my foods for day 2-5 (today) and I am ugly low on calories should I be concerned here is what I ate for these days:


2: 3 Egg scramble with spinach, red onion, and peppers and applesauce (homemade)

    Cod with spinach and cherry tomatoes, green beans, ½ a acorn squash

     Lettuce “bun†pork burgers, with tomato avocado and onion


3: 3 Egg scramble with spinach, red onion, and peppers

Sliced prosciutto, ½ avocados, raspberries, steamed snap peas, carrots, and cauliflower

Pork Chops and grilled zucchini with almond butter plain as my fat


4. 3 Egg scramble with spinach, red onion, and pineapple, jalapeño

    Pork Chops, ½ sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, serv almond butter on a banana

    Felt sick from detox didn't get a chance to eat (I know why this day was low)


5. chicken sausage, spinach, almonds, and banana

    StirFry with Olive oil chicken and green beans, snap peas, peppers side of paleo rice        (nom nom paleo)  

     Chicken Sausage, ½ avacdo, ½ sweet potatoe

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It looks like you're pretty low on fat--you should have at least a tbsp of fat in each meal or some equivalent (handful of olives, coconut flakes, mayo, etc). I think if you're active then you have some cause for concern as undereating isn't the goal--but you should certainly stop counting calories and focus on getting adequate amounts of fat in every meal, including pre/post workout meals if you're working out, and eating to satiety. 

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