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Susiek's post whole 30


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Day 31/43

1st meal:

Two eggs

Leftover sautéed Green beans and tomatoes

1 strip bacon

1/2 caf coffee

Snack: epic bar

2nd meal

Salad with salmon, cucumbers, goat cheese, tomatoes, bacon

Pumpkin "pudding" unsweetened pumpkin purée and coconut cream

Larabar: coconut cream pie flavor (a stress induced snack... Worried about my performance evaluation)


Performance eval went great of course! But it made me realize that I am still really using food as a stress reliever. Especially for anxiety. Something to really explore in my next 30 days.

3rd meal:

"Best ever" chicken breast

Mediterranean style green beans and tomatoes

Two dolmas (with rice inside)

Hot cocoa: almond milk with unsweetened cocoa. I sweetened it with some stevia and couldn't drink it and had to remake it. Too sweet! I am so happy I've gotten to that point with the taste of "sweet". I'm definitely getting the sugar demon under control. I'm truly happy about that and proud of my discipline and hard work to get this addiction under control.

My plan for the next few weeks is to add in small amounts of cheese and maybe rice and reduce my nut consumption. ( I tended to overindulge in nuts on the whole30). I'm also going to eliminate dried fruits, even when exercising, because they have the same reaction as sugar does in my body. I will never add back wheat or gluten and will definitely keep sweets minimal, if at all. And best of all, I won't be chewing gum! 47 days so far!

No reaction at all to the goat cheese or the rice in the dolmas. I feel really good actually!

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Day 32


Couldn't sleep at all last night. Not sure what was keeping me up, wondering if it was the cheese or rice I added back in, or maybe the caffeine in the hot cocoa. As such, I'm a zombie today and craving sugar and caffeine.


1st meal:

two eggs

leftover chicken and green beans

leftover pumpkin puree

1/2 caf coffee 



2nd meal:

salad with romaine, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, water chestnuts, parmesan regiano cheese


snack: Quest energy bar ( to see if I get a reaction)


3rd meal projected:

beef pho ( not sure if I'll eat the noodles)


ZZZZZ Falling asleep as I write this.. And I'm at work. Perhaps no one will notice.

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Hey - from one Susie to another- welcome to post W30!!

You may be doing it and not mentioning it, but one mistake I made early on post W30 was not to include enough good fat in all my meals. That has really helped me be satisfied and not snack very much. And, I was also advised to continue with 3 eggs for breakfast and I think that has made a difference, too. Have you tried bullet proof coffee? It helps incorporate good fat into your day. I put about 1t of coconut oil and 1/2 to of butter in my morning coffee. I also had a couple drops of vanilla. I just started it about a week ago and I think it tastes great.

The add-back time is pretty interesting and, of course, essential. I know you'll figure it all out. Good luck, though!

Susie B (aka Gramma Susie)

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