Reintro vs. off-roading - need advice

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I'm on day 29 and needing to plan my next move. 


We are going to the Renaissance Festival (think chocolate dipped and deep fried everything, giant turkey legs, bread bowls, ice creams, etc...fair food) on Sunday. This would be day 34, or the second reintro group day, per ISWF. I want to plan to offroad some that day, but I don't want to be bound to a specific food group.


I think my most desired off-roading will have to do with gluten-laden foods, so should I use that as a gluten re-intro day, knowing there is a risk of other added ingredients? I'm inclined to say no, because I may also find myself wanting a bite of DH's ice cream or something.... SO, should I stay compliant until then, mindfully off-road that day, then go compliant again for a few days, then begin the reintro protocol?


I'm not saying I want to go CRAZY at the fair, but I do want to have some freedom. I'm thinking I will want a pastry item, which will contain gluten and maybe dairy, and probably their cinnamon candied almonds. 



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I'm thinking you don't plan on the Renaissance Festival as a reintro day, as it would be too challenging to isolate one food group for reintro and leave all else Whole30 compliant. I would cautiously off-road, don't go too crazy, then resume Whole30 eating for 2 days, then continue with your reintroduction process.

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