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First triathlon this Sunday


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I am currently on day 8 of my second whole30.  I am finishing up training for my first triathlon that will take place this Sunday 3/30.  It is an indoor sprint triathlon 20 minute swim, 20 minute bike and a 5k outside.  


I have been Paleo for a year and a half and did my first Whole30 last April.  The weather here on the East Coast has been maddness for the past 3 months and it affected my diet dramatically.  I just lost control!  So in the midst of training for this triathlon (and a 10 miler in May) I decided it would help me more then hurt me to start another whole30.  It was the only way I knew I could stay on track.  


The event will be on my day 13, so I think I will be feeling pretty good then.  Just wondering if anyone had any pointers on what to eat the day before?  Should I eat more fat or starchy vegetables?  I don't want to do anything too different and give myself stomach issues... But I would like some long lasting energy!




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