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Man I'm hungry- workouts or bodys signals?


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HI all,


I'm on day 48 today, I've done a couple reintroductions. Anyhow, I've only noticed this week that I'm so hungry all the time. Is it my body's hunger signals finally working, or lifting weights or both? Like my stomach has started growling a couple hours before dinner now. Up until this week I've never been hungry once between meals on whole 30. I've lost 10 lbs. too and just never been hungry. My neck was sore and I did start up weigh lifting the last couple weeks. I do chalene extreme and pretty heavy weights, well as heavy as I can ease into without reinjuring my neck.


BUt man, I'm hungry. I ate a double helping of protien for dinner (2 fistsful) and that seemed to help. So is this the workout or body's signals finally working again? Because before whole 30 I was hungry, stomach groweld, blood sugar was up/down all the time.  It's been a lifesaver!



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