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Reintro planning


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I'm on day 27 now and everything is going great.  We have started to plan for reintro and agreed to go with dairy first this Sunday.  We've got book club and there is always cheese at book club. LOL.  Anyway I was thinking dairy, non-gluten grains, legumes, then gluten grains for last.  My question is about scheduling.  Some of these days will be work days.  How likely am I to regret it if I have a bad reaction to grains at the office?  Would I be best served to try and schedule all my reintro days for the weekends?  That would take longer but possibly save some embarrassment. 


Here is my plan so far.



Milk for breakfast

Cheese at book club

Ice cream after dinner



Oats for breakfast

Rice crackers with lunch

Brown rice for dinner



Peanut butter at breakfast

Hummus for lunch

Chili with beans for dinner (I have really missed my chili)



Rye toast for breakfast

Pasta salad with lunch

Crusty French bread with dinner


I read some where to plan out all the details so you test each group correctly.  Someone posted on here about winging it and not getting it right.  I tend to over plan so took that advice to heart and immediately started a list.  I love lists.  The above is a combo of things that either I missed or my mother or my kids.  I could do without the pasta or the rice but my kids really miss them so we will reintro and see how it goes.


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It looks like you have a great plan!


Just confirm that the ice cream you test doesn't include gluten or soy, so it's a true dairy test.

On the work day vs. weekend thing, that's your call. However, remember the idea is to stay 100% Whole30 compliant in between reintroductions, and once you reintro something, you don't have it again until your reintro process is complete.  You'd be effectively extending your Whole30 another month. If that's something you're willing to take on, go for it!

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