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Variation of the timeline: Days 11-12 - Punk All Things

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For me, the KILL ALL THINGS stage mellowed out and gave way to a Punk All Things phase around Day 11. As in, I was seized by a desire to play practical jokes, play tricks, pull legs, pull pranks on everyone. I felt almost giddy and punch drunk.


I work for a Unitarian church, and on Day 11, I was working on the layout of the Sunday bulletin for next week's Easter service. Since the sermon title was, typically enough, "We Rise Again," I was moved inexorably to include as the cover art ... zombies rising from the grave. Yeah, I got a kick out of that, and I couldn't stop laughing, and I got a good laugh from my co-workers as well when I showed it to them.


(Of course, I pulled the photo out for the final draft and put in a more innocuous image: some boring springtime graphic.)


I think that roughly at this stage, all the intake of good nutrition is providing excess energy that just begs to be used, and for me, one of the manifestations was an impulse to play trickster.


Or maybe this is just the delayed karmic consequence of having started my Whole30 on April 1.


What odd, off-kilter phases have you guys gone through during your Whole30's?

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