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April14 Start Date!


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Good luck to you Alex.  The only thing I highly recommend is to have a plan and work your plan.  I made sure I have little snacks at work that will keep me away from the evil vending machines when I get that "must have something to eat" feeling (low sugar).  Berries, nuts, and raw veggies along with plenty of water help me through the work day.

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Welcome Alex!


Here are the basics:
- Whole30 program rules

- Whole30 Can I Have Guide

- Whole30 meal planning template 

What DeeZaftig said about having a plan. Plan and preparing are 90% of the success on a Whole30.  Use the recommended meal template to create meals that satiate you for 4-5 hours.  In the meantime, if you get genuinely hungry between meals (hungry = you could eat steamed fish and broccoli), have a mini-meal containing a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30.

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