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Kate's Whole30 August 2012


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Day 2 (don't bother looking for Day 1, I just got on the forums today :))

Breakfast: I have taken the whole "Plan ahead" thing to heart. I knew I needed to get somewhere after spin this morning, so last night I hardboiled some eggs and packed a breakfast (3 hardboiled eggs, grape tomatoes with avocado, nut mix, and sliced oranges - I love www.easylunchboxes.com) to eat in the parking lot before I drove off. I also packed coconut milk to put in my Americano at Starbucks - yum :)

Lunch: Paleo salad nicoise - spinach, tuna with homemade mayo, kalmatas, green beans, and lemon juice.

Snack: Got the munchies in the afternoon, and I managed to keep it clean. Couple spoonfuls of almond butter, orange slices, mandarines, iced coffee w coconut milk, macademia nuts - small handful. I wasn't hungry, I was frustrated and bored. I managed to redirect myself at least once and I was at least aware of what I was doing while I was doing it - progress not perfection, right? ;) I do think the fruit hit in the morning may have been to blame and/or too much cardio in the early am - tho I honestly wasn't hungry.

Dinner: I have cooked up some grass fed ground beef and I am going to saute eggplant and cover them both with Muir Glen's pizza sauce - that stuff is crack!! Probably some olives on the side to keep my fats up. I do remember from doing this in the past that I need to keep my fats high to keep me on track, however, the 20+ years of lowfat brain washing making it hard sometimes... c'est la vie!

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Thanks, gals!

Day 3

Breakfast: 2 Aidell's chicken apple sausages with onions sauteed in ghee, and a sliced tomato & 1/2 avocado both from my CSA. I had coffee w coconut milk around 10.

Lunch: It was 1:30 and I realized I hadn't eaten since 9 and honestly had no interest (this is NOT typical for me), however, I remember what I read this morning in the Whole 30 Daily and that I can't trust my body just yet and to keep to the 3 meals at a minimum.... sooo... I made a spinach, tom, kalamata salad with a cucumber from my garden picked this morning :) and some cherry tomatoes from my CSA. I made a vinagrette using fresh herbs from my garden, too :) and leftover eggplant, tom, grassfed beef mix from last night.

Dinner: We shall see, however, I know I need to plan ahead. I have a function at a bar tonight and I want to make sure I am satisfied before I get there, tho, I am honestly not worried. Club soda and lime please. Being DD makes is easier, too. I am thinking turkey patties w mashed guac, and fire roasted peppers and onions from TJ. I need to remember to pick up avocado oil this weekend to make more mayo, as I finished mine off yesterday - yummmm :)

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Day 6 - apparently this is going to be an as I get to it journal :)

I have been doing well and made it through the weekend even with 2 social engagements. Mostly I have just been t.i.r.e.d. and sleeping - lots. I am amazed at the lack of interest in food between meals and lack of cravings.

Breakfast 8ish: egg, spinach, mushroom quiche I made last night, tomato w homemade mayo, coffee w coconut milk. Only ate a small slice of quiche and I thought I might be hungry early... and I was.

Snack 11ish: small handful of almonds

Lunch 1ish (late due to snack): coleslaw with ground turkey, kale chips, and black olives.

Snack 5: starving while picking up my son - managed to avoid his snacks which aren't Whole30 friendly and dove into a handful of almonds when I got home.

Dinner 545ish: Asian soup - this was awesome! I filled a bowl with green beans and enoki mushrooms, sliced some leftover steak on top, filled the bowl with chicken stock I had thrown in the crockpot yesterday and some coconut milk. Then I threw the whole lot in a pot and simmered, once it hit boiling I poured in a raw scrambled egg - voila egg drop soup! A touch of coconut aminos and rice wine vinegar. SUPER tasty! I don't think it had quite enough fat in it though, and am thinking of trying to make coconut butter in the blentec tonight and eating some with frozen berries - yum :)

I need to remember to eat ENOUGH at meals to get me through to the next one, especially enough fat. My avocados are not ripe yet and I didn't realize how much I rely on them typically.

Have a good night!!

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Day 8

Ok. I am ready to be done with tired and cranky. Hanging in there. Wasn't I supposed to have "kill" mode last week?


Turkey burger slider, kale, 2 poached eggs, 2 tomatoes, ghee

Snack: Emotional compulsive eating - almond butter and a spoon... I know, I know... I am not replacing it once it is gone. Not enough brakes on this one.

Lunch: Throw-it-all-in salad - coleslaw, roasted asparagus, roasted beets, cucumber, steak, homemade mayo, homemade vinaigrette, black olives. Very tasty.

Dinner... lamb meat balls, sweet pot, cuc salad?

Been sipping peppermint tea :)

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