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I'm Committed (in more ways than one!)


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Okay, after "cleaning" house, I'm ready to jump into Whole30 with both feet. I am giving myself Easter Sunday as my last celebration, starting Whole30 first thing Monday morning. My hubby is on board with the support. I've been eating Paleo for some time, however I fell off the rock-wheeled wagon during a interstate move. I haven't been able to stick with it, and feel that I need to detox and get all that crap out of my system. I also have an autoimmune disease (I have it, it doesn't have me) that really liked a "clean" lifestyle. Its time to give myself a "gift of life." I'll be back, and ... fingers crossed.




Looking forward to posting and getting feedback and support.

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Wow, where do I start.  My WHOLE30 journey began April 21, 2014, and this is Day 10.  This has been a breeze for me so far.  I have great support from my husband, which helps tremendously.  The house has been "de-junkified" at my level of reaching.  I'm much shorter than my husband, and cannot reach the top shelves, so I asked him to place all his snacks where I could not reach them.  I asked him to not offer me anything, and he actually eats his snacks rather discretely.  Go Figure!


I'm not saying that I still don't crave certain foods, because I do.  Its like when I quit smoking 30 years ago...to this day when I smell smoke from cigarettes, the brain pulls that memory from deep inside, and for just a split moment, there is a craving.  I have managed to stay away from Starbucks, but visualize about having a Venti Caramel Flan Latte.  I savor the flavors, smells, then snap back to reality and have a large glass of water with 2 teaspoons of orange juice.


I get a lot of benefit from the WHOLE30 TIMELINE, Version 2, that is available on this website.  I asked my husband to read through it, which he did, so that he would know what to expect from me (mood swings in particular).  So far, the timeline is pretty accurate, and very bearable.  The WHOLE30 SHOPPING LIST is an absolute MUST when shopping.  Yesterday while shopping, I chose the "best choice" foods and am looking forward to preparing our meals.


I did eat out for breakfast one day, ordering 2 poached eggs, steamed broccoli, and a cup of mixed fruit.  I told the waitress that I am allergic to grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar (which I am, as it causes ill health and fat).  I said that I had a bizarre order to give and she said "no problem."  So, while eating out, it doesn't hurt to ask.


I'll check in again at day 20.  Thank you for the support, and I enjoy reading many of the posted topics. :D Feeling energetic today, for the first time, in a long time.

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I'm on Day 12 and the timeline didn't really apply to me. I was feeling great pretty consistently. I am not craving fruits as much now.


The hardest part for me so far was going to a wedding shower and not being able to eat some of the gorgeous cake that seemed to be making eyes at me from the center of the room the entire day!  


I was a little bummed because I felt like I was depriving myself and had a little mood swing that day, but made it through. Now I'm so proud I was able to overcome that, and kept my fidelity to whole30 foods! 

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