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Scared to do reintro


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Hi guys, I am technically on day 40 (i finished the whole30 and didnt stop)... I say technically because I did have some chocolate eggs on Easter. I felt miserable the next day and the day after. now i am really scared to do a reintro... 
Not sure what to do...  i know i wont be eating diary because I already know i am lactose intolerant. I do however want to be able to eat rice one day... hehehe 


Sooo what should I do? should i just stay whole30 (paleo)... it seems easier. the idea that i would have to have say rice in all meals seems a bit much for me, as even before whole30 i ate rice maybe once a week if that. 

I guess i have lots to think about. but would love your input if you have done the reintro. 





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Well, that's not necessarily unreasonable.  :mellow: I found I was unable to have wheat or sugar in moderation after my W30. Maybe you have different triggers. If you're really worried about a specific food, maybe it is best to continue to stay away from it.

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