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I DID IT!!!!!!


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Today is Day 30 for me!!! I did it! I have a log in here but I got tired of just talking to myself so I quit posting. 


I thought this would be horrible but it's actually been great! I've only lost 10 lbs and haven't gone down any pant sizes BUT I have more energy, more patience and just generally feel so much better!!!

I have only had water to drink in the last 30 days. I've not had any processed good whatsoever. My food has all been fresh and mostly cooked by me.

I've had no sugar - real or substitute. I've only had fruit.

I've had no dairy!! That was tough at first. I'm a cheese and milk person! But now I don't even miss it!

I've not had peanut butter!!!!! Even bigger a deal than the dairy!!!

I'm feeling so good that I will be staying on this Whole30 plan for a while!!! It's so nice to feel good and have energy! I'd be stupid for going back!

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