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Hi everyone!


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Hi All,

This is my day 3, it's just taking me a while to get caught up on here. This is my first whole30 although my husband and I have been eating paleo off and on for over a year. I've been gearing up to do a whole30 for months now and it's going really well so far.

I'm a bit frustrated because I bought a rotisserie chicken at an Amish food store on Sunday when I was in a bind, and although I ate it without the skin, it seems unless it was compliant (which I have no way of knowing since it didnt come with an ingredient list..), I should start over. I probably won't "start over" but may extend my whole30 to a whole 45. Also thinking of starting a whole30 instagram since my friends will probably stop speaking to me if I start posting whole30 food constantly :).

The day 2 hangover is no joke! But today is off to a great start. Looking forward to being a part of this online community!

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