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3rd Week of Round 2...I think.


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It's amazing how much time flies.




Easter showed up, the next day I ended my first round of a whole30, hem-hawed for a few hours and debated whether or not to do a second round, and then finally made a decision to stick with what's working.


I've been so focused on just keeping up with work, life, and other stuff---I completely spaced what number of day it was. 


Apparently yesterday was the end of week 3, day 21...so this is day 22, and next week would be the end of round 2. 


The moral to this post....(Wait for it...there's one....)


When you're getting up in the morning, living through the day, eating healthy, natural foods, and getting to sleep a straight 8 hours every night, you kinda just forget that you're following  a "diet".


Well, diet isn't really a word I would describe this way of eating.


I don't have a word for it, but it's an amazing experience like no other.





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