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andee's log - type 1 diabetes


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I'm on day 5, but I wanted to do a post to catch up to day 5.

Stats before Whole30

  • Weight – 150
  • Energy – tired 85% of the time
  • Eating – no control, ate everything
  • Exercise – mediocre
  • Sleep – always fall asleep, never feel rested
  • Mood – erratic, unstable, emotional & cranky
  • Body fat – 27.25%
  • Average Blood Sugar – 266

I wasn't going to log anything here but then I thought it might be beneficial to any other type 1 diabetics out there thinking about doing the whole30.

Day 1

B: 2 eggs, 1 grapefruit, black coffee

L: 2/3 can salmon, ½ avocado, snow peas, and 4 dates

D: 3 eggs, EVOO, ½ avocado, strawberries

Snacks: raisins (low blood sugar), pea pods, dates

Average Blood Sugar: 165

Day 2

B: 2 eggs, peas, strawberries, coconut oil

L: 3 salmon & sweet potato patties, dates, peas, plum

D: Snow peas pods, grilled chicken breast

Snacks: Dates, Coconut LaraBar (homemade)

Average Blood Sugar: 123

Day 3

B: Salmon Patty, Fried Egg, ½ avocado

L: 2 Salmon patties, strawberries, watermelon & ½ lemon blended in blender.

D: Strawberries & Almond butter blended in blender.

Snacks: Plum, Salmon Patty, Larabar (homemade) Almonds, Dates

Average Blood Sugar: 137

Day 4 (first work day)

B: (low blood sugar when I woke up) 3 dates, banana, 2 hard boiled eggs, ½ avocado, black coffee

L: Chicken breast, carrots, almonds, broccoli, 2 dates, 2 C. lettuce

D: Grilled chicken breast, ¼ acorn squash, broccoli

Snacks: Dates, orange, almonds

Average Blood Sugar: 135

I've decided that I've been eating too much fruit, so I am now trying to focus on veggies more. I have been using dates to correct my low blood sugars. I'm worried eating too many dates is going to prevent my body from going through detox from sugar. I would LOVE anyone's input for what they use to up their lows.

You can see it has already drastically changed my blood sugars.

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I'm interested in reading about your experience. Your sugars definitely look better already!

I don't know about your body going through detox from sugar. I'm curious about your psychological relationship with sugar... do you see it as solely a method to get your blood sugar back up? Or do you crave the taste of sugar?

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Hi Emily,

I haven't been craving the taste of sugar, not yet at least. So far it has been solely a method to raise my blood sugar, or a means to survival. I'm finding it surprising that I haven't had actual sugar cravings. We'll see, thanks for the input.

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Day 5

B: 2 eggs, homemade mayo, brocolli, black coffee

L: Brocolli, Grilled Chicken Breast, 1/4 acorn squash

D: 2 salmon & sweet potato balls, strawberries + nectarine + 1/2 lemon blended

Snacks: dates, almonds, 1 salmon bite, 1/2 plum, coffee, bannan whip w/ almond butter

Average Blood Sugar: 93

1. Banana whip is incredible! I never knew anything could be so good. I was afraid it would send me into sugar craving mood, but I drank some water afterwards and was fine.

2. I had to fight pretty hard to keep my blood sugar from crashing from 5 pm on - thus all the fruit.

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B: 1 salmon & sweet potato patty, homemade mayo, 1 egg, 1 cup romain lettuce

S: 3 dates, 4 almonds

L: 3 salmon & sweet potato balls, salad (2 c. romain lettuc, apple, coconut flakes, carrot, celery)

S: celery sticks w/ almond butter, orange

D: Pea pods, steak (size of palm) and homemade gaucamole

S: 3 dates (before bed low blood sugar

Average Blood Sugar: 126

1. I was really tired by 8 pm tonight; maybe I need to eat more carbs or maybe my body is just adjusting.

2. Mild stomach ache after dinner; could have been the lime in gauc or the fact that I haven't eat red meat in 14+ years.

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