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Whole 30 as an International Flight Attendant


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This Whole30 experience has been a journey, literally around the world.  I started May 31st and have been holding on ever since.  I work for a private charter airline that holds me out overseas for approximately 40 days at a time.  Currently I am in 'carb-capital' Italy! I started off in Ireland where I was ok not eating the norm there (cured meat just isn't my thing) but now as I pass each gelato and pizza shop I just drool.  I will be here for another week and have found myself frequenting the grocery store more often. Next I head to London, Turkey, and hopefully back to the states.  On the plane I prepare sweet potatoes in the warming ovens that take almost 2hrs to warm,  and guacamole.  If anyone from the FAA or customs is reading this, I never bring raw food on the plane!!!  Eating out in some places where English is a delicacy is difficult.  Asking for food not to be cooked in butter or milk has pissed off a few chefs and resulted in travelers diarrhea  for me!  Please help me anyone out there who has done this while traveling the world.  I have raw veggies and fruit coming out of my ears right now, because my hotel room has no microwave!!

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