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Good Food in the Netherlands/Belgium


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I found some info here and there about sourcing food around my area, but than I would lose it and not find it back again... so I decided to open a thread for us living here :)


I am still looking for good sources of meat, especially beef, lamb, chicken, duck and rabbit.

Also coconut products, I've found some online and in health shops, but I wonder if there are other places I haven't found that are better in price-quality.


I live in the Breda area, so both the Netherlands and Belgium are possibilities for sourcing food.


So I will kick off with my finds :)


The places I have found so far for beef, lamb and sometimes they have pork too if you want:

http://hetschop.nl   very nice people and you can just walk in when the shop is open and look around the farm too. The only problem is that i didn't see any arrangement for bigger packages of meat, so buying it in small pieces is pricey.

http://debuitenman.nl/   here you can order meat in quantities, but I don't know if it's 100% grass-fed. Price/kg is 12 euros average.


I am still looking for a good source of veggies and fruits. At the moment I am shopping at a small local farmer's store, but it's conventional produce and the eggs are also not free-range. I am looking into deliveries, but didn't really make up my mind yet.


I'm also curious if anyone knows of a nice place in Belgium and what the prices are.

So share your sources :)

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