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Whole30 Vancouver mama style


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My first and only Whole 30 was a year ago.  My sister talked me into it and I jumped in a little blindly. I was just returning to work (part time) with two toddlers and my husband was out of town for a week.  If I could do it then I can do it now! 


My goals

1. Lose my sugar cravings/obsession with all things sweet (last time I lost it surprisingly quickly)

2. More energy - I feel like I'm tired almost all of the time since having baby #2 (she was a poor sleeper). Now that she's sleeping well I have to look for other culprits. I'm thinking my diet is a big one.

3. Lose weight (not a recommended goal I know but I'm keeping it real)

4. Lose the constant bloated uncomfortable tummy. Last time this happened for sure and I'm looking forward to relief again

5. Stop my addiction to Diet Coke forever. 20 years later its time to give it up for many reasons, including the fact that I do not want my girls drinking this junk!


Anticipated Problems & Solutions

1. Time - solution - planning meals well in advance, making extra food on my days off, coming up with a list of quick and easy meals

2. Sundays - we visit family every Sunday after church and always have bread for lunch. -> solution: be the weirdo that brings her own salad and bring enough to share.  I hate being different with my in-laws but I see no way around this

3. Parties - there are at least 2 in the next 30 days. Solution -> see above.

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M1 - crustless quiche (asparagus, bacon, eggs, chives), 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 avocado

M2 - Chicken tortilla soup (without the tortilla), 1/2 avocado, deli turkey (very little chicken in soup), a pickle

M3 - pork chop with roasted butternut squash, roasted cauliflower & some applesauce (homemade unsweetened)

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