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1st w30 complete


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Today is day 31. I am hoping to do things right and introduce food groups back 1 at a time starting with legumes (peanut butter with breakfast tasted great). Unlike others I have not been converted to a paleo lifestyle, and will not be continuing to eat w30 at this time. Thus the re-introductions are very important. I want to cut something out if it affects me poorly but I don't expect to eliminate everything non-compliant. I hope that I will never allow soda to enter my diet again.  


I also plan to take some of the lessons I have learned with me as I add other foods into my diet.  I came to w30 order to eliminate cravings and get to know my body better. I never had chronic issues, and while I was about 20 pounds above where I wanted to be I was still on the high side of normal. I feel like I accomplished my goals with this w30 and will probably do it again in the future. 


What I gained:

  • Down 10 lbs
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Ability to feel when I am physically hungry vs emotionally hungry
  • Ability to stop eating when I stop feeling hungry
  • I am now ok with 3 meals a day and don't feel the need to snack
  • CONFIDENCE! When I started I didn't think I would make it a full 30 days. 



Finally, I have solidified habits that will help me in the future. Things like stretching daily, that I always knew I should do, but never really got around to. During the past 4 weeks I have added 1 habit a week and focused on being consistent before trying to add something else. If I continue this trend I can slowly but surely work towards a healthier lifestyle. 

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