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KT's first whole 30


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 Today is Day 3 of my whole 30. My husband and I are doing this together, which I am incredibly grateful for.

 I am doing this because I am unhealthy. Though I had already made some significant changes in the past 6 months, it hasn't felt like enough, especially since I haven't lost any weight.

The big changes (before Whole 30) are:

  •   I quit smoking on January 7,2014.
  • That same day I stopped drinking dark soda(I had been a 6 pack a day soda drinker)
  • 3 months ago, I stopped drinking soda of any kind.
  • 5 months ago, I stopped making "boxed meals" for my family, and started cooking from scratch.
  • Last month, my husband and I joined the YMCA, and we have been back to go swimming(actual swimming, not just standing in the water) several times.

​​​My current weight is a source of embarrassment for me. I am at 235 pounds(5 ft 8 in tall). I know that this isn't supposed to be a weight loss plan, per se, but I am hoping that it will help in that department


 So anyway, hello. I am really looking forward to becoming a part of this community.,.


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Today, I started out well, I think.

  We had eggs with kale and avocado with some berries. It is really taking some getting used to, this new menu. I really need to work on finding some good recipes.

 We went to Natural Grocers with the shopping list from this site, and got quite a bit, so I am really happy with what I have in the fridge right now.

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