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corgicoconut's Whole60 Log


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Hello, all!


Whole30ing is old hat for me by now, but I haven't used the forum properly in awhile, so I'm back!   :D


I've done a few Whole30s in the past (and also a WholeSixWeeks lol), but never seem to be able to stay on the wagon.  I'm doing a Whole60 this time to see if that helps.


I took photos to compare with my "after," but have decided not to weigh myself or take measurements as I get hung up on that kind of thing and want to focus on how I'm feeling.


Most of my life I've been addicted to sugar and have had depression and blood sugar issues because of it.  I started eating paleo about two years ago and have had amazing breakthroughs in managing my blood sugar.  But for the majority of that time, I've been stuck on a paleo-binge eating cycle that I really want to break.  There's rarely any middle ground; it's either one of the other.  However, in the past when I've eaten the Whole9 way long enough, I begin to feel that I can break that cycle.


So here goes!




~Day 1~


Went on a major sugar bender yesterday and slept like the dead for 12+ hours last night.  Yep.


My roomie and I got our first CSA box yesterday, so I had a nice (late) breakfast of local, farm fresh, pastured eggs and kale!   :D


Feeling pretty bleh today, but I'm excited to start this journey and plan to take the dog on an outside adventure later.

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So in the middle of my kombucha yesterday, after just having finished my wonderful breakfast, I began to feel nauseated.  It got worse and worse to the point where I felt I may actually throw up (I haven't thrown up in about 15 years).  It continued all day, and I didn't feel hungry until many hours later.  Suffice it to say, I only had one good meal yesterday...so I'm thinking of not counting yesterday as my Day 1.


Not sure what yesterday was about.  A few days ago, my roommate mentioned she was sick, and my dog's been dealing with allergies, despite being on a biologically appropriate diet....so maybe it's one of those.  ::shrug::

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~Day 1~


Sleep:  ~9hrs.

Mood:  Optimistic


Here we go!


Just got an e-mail from US Wellness Meats with a 15% off discount code!  To get the code, look for the word that's spelled out with the red letters in this article.  Ordered some canned salmon for me and some beef heart, tripe, and other yummies for the paleo dog!   :D  Also ordered some more SFH fish oil + D3 (trying tangerine this time).  I am stocked up on veggies from the CSA, coconut milk, canned crab meat, and ghee.   ;)




So I've noticed when I eat paleo/Whole9 that I eat SO much more slowly.  Like sometimes it'll take me like an hour to eat, instead of 20 minutes.

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