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Starting today - jump in when you're ready


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Hi all,

This will be my 3rd attempt at whole 30 and I really need it. My mind and body are foggy with the rubbish I have been putting into my body!!!!! Same old story so won't bore you with it. I have tried and failed to get back on it a few times and I decided to start a thread for those of us who sometimes don't make it everyday by really really want to.....

Who's with me?

Today - mince mush lol - tastes more appetising than it sounds mince onions fruit and grated sweet potato with mixed spice - have some for meal 2 also

Rightly or wrongly my exercise plan also starts today.

Good luck everyone and happy eating :-) x

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I'm starting over today too.  I started a week ago, and went to my BF's ranch in the stix.  I brought some provisions, but not enough I guess. We went through every vegetable.  I tried to be as good as I could with what we had, but the last night deteriorated into a dish of pasta carbonara and martinis.  Got home yesterday, got restocked, made some delish mayo, and I'm on it again.  Frankly, my biggest sin is the martinis.  Every morning I say I won't, and every evening I really, really want one. 


At the same time I'm doing this, I'm also doing the Physique57 July challenge.  I do their on-line videos.  They kick my arse.  Between this, that, and walking the schnauzer sausage dog, I hope to be in fighting shape in a month.  Good luck!

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Good luck to you all too.

First day done to the best of my ability :-)

Didn't eat rubbish at work even though the chocolates were going round. No milk in my tea - all achievements

I had the same for meal 2 as meal one.

Followed by a pork chop with salad and nuts - could have done without them.

Also had some dried fruit which I should stay away from as am off to Berlin Germany for 3 weeks in the summer and want to be so much fitter by then :-)

Shattered so didn't do the insanity - is it insane to do the fit test and one work out tomorrow?


Happy eating everyone x

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Day 2

Meal 1 2 rashes of bacon - 2 eggs and tomatoes

Meal 2 salad with pork chops cold and chopped up

Meal 3 - went a bit pear shaped - had some pinapple, a salmon fish cake coconut ice cream with roasted bananas and blue berries and a banana cake thing

I know half of the meal 3 were complient but swypo - just didn't feel like anything really

Did insanity got test

Very grumpy on the grumponometer

Happy eating everyone

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Ooooo missed a few days but it's goin well

I had the confidence to get my hair don a different colour - whoop I was hungry day 3 evening

Day 3

Meal 1 makrel mush heated with salad

Meal 2 salmon fish cakes and salad

Meal 3 stir fry chicken own sauce

Day 4

Meal 1 Beef mush - onion sweet potatoes apple

Was supposed to be meal 2 but lost it and it had fallen out of my bag into the car

Meal 2 ham salad

Meal 3 chicken curry

I know you're not supposed to snack but it better than to eat nothing and go hungry till I eat rubbish

Should really start again :-( Nuts compliant 85% dark chocolate strawberries home made roasted nana and coconut ice cream - I KNOW!!!!!

No snacking and increase the meal size

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