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Very first technical whole30 start today, July 8. Not sure how I stumbled across all of the whole30, paleo business recently. I did something like it (of which my sister dubbed "shingles diet") in 2010 after I got shingles from shoddy doc in the box medical care and had no health insurance to pay for the $300 7 day valtrex (sp?) prescription they wanted me to take to possibly shorten the cycle of the shingles. Instead of shelling out ridiculous hard-earned monies I attacked shingles naturally through herbal and nutritional therapy. Beat that sucker in 6 days! (This is impressive among shingles sufferers, btw.) Was left with post-herpetic neuralgia. Meaning, I get shingles pain without the awesome shingles. So I did my own research and came up with a lysine vs arginine diet and was sans pain for about 6 months. Then got pregnant and threw out all the hard work I'd done. Thankfully the pain was mostly manageable unless I ate a lot of sugar. Then in March I had an ear surgery that brought the pain back like it really was shingles manifesting again. I misplaced all the research I had done in 2010 and am guessing that's how I came across this whole30. I know the nutritional science of this plan, from what I remember it mostly fits in with my previous "shingles diet". There's something about making this a challenge for 30 days that is solidifying getting back in to the no pain eating lifestyle. I have a 3 year old son and a husband who will not be joining me in this. I hope to chat and cheer on with the rest of you in the whole30. 

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