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Two/split workouts


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Hi guys


Apologies in advance cos I know, from searching, that questions like this have been asked before - but there didn't seem to be a general consensus I could reach from answers for my situation so I'd appreciate some advice....


I'm on day 20 of my second Whole 30, doing AIP and planning to go the whole stretch and do 90 days before starting reintroductions.  I've been working out in the evenings five days a week, doing some HIIT running on the treadmill followed by the HIIT WOD from Bodeefit's kettlebell programme.  This schedule isn't really working for me though, I'm finding everything's too rushed in the evenings and I want to revert to my previous way of working out, doing heavy lifting in the morning and then cardio in the evening.  I've done this before and it just works better for me :-)


My question is though - do I really need to eat two sets of pre and post workout meals around my workouts?  It seems like a huge amount of food and I'd be eating meal 3 really close to bedtime (and I know this isn't recommended).  I was thinking I could skip a post-workout meal after my cardio, and just go straight for meal 3, and wondered if the schedule below might work...


5am - Pre-workout meal

5.15am - Strength training

6am - Post-workout meal

7am - Meal 1

12 noon - Meal 2

6pm - Pre-workout meal

6.15pm - HIIT cardio intervals (20-30 mins)

7pm - Meal 3


Any feedback on this would be much appreciated :-D

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Guest Andria

I think your meal schedule looks good. Personally, I would need a mini-meal between meal 2 and meal 3 especially if I was doing a workout in-between.

I don't think cardio typically needs a post workout meal, but your strength training definitely should. I think most moderators say the pre-workout meal is individual dependent. If you feel you need one, especially in the AM so you are not working out fasted(although not entirely a bad thing), then have one.


I just wanted to add, that if you are doing HIIT cardio in the truest sense(i.e., balls to the wall!), you should only be doing that 1-2 times per week and definitely not back to back days.  HIIT is meant to be truly taxing, especially on the CNS.

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  • Moderators

Your meal plan looks fine to me. You could move the 6 PM pre-workout meal up an hour of two if you got hungry, but I find it easy to go 6 hours after a meal. I don't eat a pre-workout meal just before working out if I have eaten a regular meal recently. I typically workout around 10:30 in the morning and let my breakfast at 8-9 AM serve as my pre-workout food. 

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